Parallel Lives

Feb 17th 2023

Doors Open 30 Min Prior

Thu - Sat 730PM | Sun 2PM

In the opening scene, two Supreme Beings plan the beginning of the world. Once they’ve decided on the color scheme of the races, a little concerned that white people will feel slighted being such a boring color, they create sex and the sexes. Afraid women will have too many advantages, the Beings decide to make childbirth painful and to give men enormous egos as compensation. From this moment, the audience is whisked through the outrageous universe of Kathy and Mo, where two actresses play men and women struggling through the common rituals of modern life: teenagers on a date, sisters at their grandmother’s funeral, a man and a woman together in a country western bar.

Spokane Civic Theatre

1020 N. Howard St
Spokane, WA 99201

Upcoming Dates

  • Friday, February 17
  • Saturday, February 18
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