U3 - West Coast Tour

May 18th

Show is 7-9PM

The ‘ukulele supergroup U3 brings together three heavy hitters of the uke world in a musical collaboration spanning the Pacific Ocean. With popular YouTuber Cynthia Lin and Nā Hōkū award-winning multi-instrumentalist Abe Lagrimas, Jr. in Honolulu, and "life of the party" Ukulenny in the San Francisco Bay Area, U3 joins forces to create an island-inspired cross-cultural sound. From jazz and bossa nova, to Hawaiian classics, to island reggae remixes, U3's debut album In Waves (2020) features genre-bending arrangements that bridge the artists' skills and versatility, and stretch the ‘ukulele into new territory. In addition to hearing all three artists play ‘ukulele on the album, Cynthia leads with her signature vocals, Ukulenny lays down U-bass and beatbox, and Abe displays his multi-instrumental virtuosity on drums, vibraphone, and percussion.

The Bing

901 W Sprague Ave
Spokane, WA 99201