If you love barbeque you know it's about more than food. Part sport, part art form, we revere the time honored culinary techniques that go into the rub of a slow smoked brisket, the crispy batter of southern fried chicken and ribs so tender they fall off the bone.

Here in Spokane, downtown favorite Chkn-N-Mo offers their famous fried chicken which has customers licking every bone clean. There's also Dickey's Barbecue Pit on Division where you can introduce yourself to “Old Hickory.” That's what they call their mammoth smoking machine that slow cooks meat for 12 hours each night. Or check out Longhorn Barbecue, where meats are smoked “Southern Pit Style” over a combination of apple, cherry, alder and birch woods. With barbecue it's all about authenticity and these restaurants bring the taste of the south to the heart of Spokane.