Itinerary Ideas

Peruse our specially created itineraries and connect with our Director of Group Travel & Leisure Sales to craft the perfect trip for your group. We can also connect you with services and activities that will make your group trip easy and memorable.

Enjoy Spokane’s natural easy pace with your toes in the grass and the aroma of fresh flowers or changing leaves in the air. Four distinct seasons give you four ways to appreciate the pureness of our parks.


The Intermountain Northwest has a spirited love affair with craft beer. Discover what goes into a Spokane Style brew and engage in the joy of a cold glass in your hand.


Spokane was built by a series of get-it-done dreamers who have shaped the gracious and spirited community we love. Hear their stories and walk in their footsteps.


Feel the rich history and tradition in wine tasting rooms that are filled with the aroma of oak and fermentation. Let your day melt away with a locally crafted Syrah or Sauvignon Blanc.


Spokane’s tribal heritage goes back much further than the city itself. The native culture is ingrained in the soul of our community.


Local food isn’t measured in hours in our region. Farms and makers are minutes from restaurants and markets.


Great minds and innovative thinkers have always found a place of freedom in Spokane. Harnessing the power of the wind, the water and new technology has kept us moving forward.


There's so much to do and discover in and around Spokane and the entire state of Washington. Take a look at our five day itinerary that allows you to explore the entire region.


Our experts have crafted the perfect 10 day adventure in Spokane and the entire of Washington for you to enjoy! See everything our great state has to offer.


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Charlotte Finnegan

Director of Visitor Services

Spokane Spotlights