How To Submit Offers

This page is intended to help partners of Visit Spokane with submitting special offers through our online portal. If you're not familiar with Visit Spokane special offers, please visit: or contact us for Partnership information.

Crafting Your Offer

Visit Spokane sends out an email to Partners twice a year with updated seasonal package requirements and deadlines for participation. If you have not received the email, contact your Visit Spokane representative to make sure you're on the mailing list and we will forward the latest information right to your mailbox.

Be sure to craft your custom stay and play offer to fit into one of our themed categories listed below. These categories are important because we tailor our seasonal advertising towards demographics that are associated with these categories:

Girlfriends Getaway – Women travelers love taking vacations together to spend time shopping, wine tasting, sightseeing, golf and more! These packages could be a discounted hotel rate paired with passes to the Northwest Museum of Arts & Culture or a discount at a spa, mall or restaurant.

Mancations – Guys love testosterone-fueled trips where they can hang out and be boys. These offers could be good hotel rates with a round of golf or fly fishing lessons on the Spokane River with a beer tasting at No-Li Brewhouse.

Family Fun – Families come to Spokane to do all kinds of things! How about creating a package with a hotel stay, some day passes to Riverfront Park and movie tickets?  Don’t forget Mobius and Silverwood are big draws for families as well.  Consider including parking as part of the package to make their stay even easier.

Outdoor Adventures – Spokane has tons of outdoor activities for visitors to enjoy! Think about a thrilling raft ride or ski trip with a hotel stay, or provide a discount for your guests who spent the day hiking in one of our gorgeous parks.

Romantic Retreats – Spokane is a great place for couples to get away! Think about packages with champagne and chocolates in a hotel room for a great price, or offer a percentage off a meal to couples visiting the region.

Culinary & Wine – Our city is full of unique, local restaurants and delicious wines. Give your customers a discount on their meal with a purchase of some local wine, or a good hotel rate with a discount on dinner or brunch for two at a yummy eatery!  Include tasting fees for local wineries or tickets for a culinary tour through Spokane.

Golf – We have so much to offer visitors who love golf! How about creating a package with a round of golf at one of the area’s beautiful golf courses or a discount at your business for golfers upon proof of play (course receipt)? Pair the round of golf with a discount at a local eatery and you’ve got yourself a package!

Shop 'til you Drop – As a regional hub, countless visitors come to Spokane for destination shopping. Consider giving your guests a gift certificate to a local mall or store with an overnight stay.

Chinese Lantern Festival - Visitors are coming to Spokane and want to package their room and tickets for the Chinese Lantern Festival. Offers can include merchandise, souvenirs or dining options as well.

First Night - Visitors are coming to Spokane for the annual First Night New Year's Eve celebration. Take advantage of the event and package hotel stays with First Night admission buttons. For a particularly inticing offer, consider including party favors like New Year's bubbles. Packages in this category will be promoted leading up to the night of 12/31/15 only. 

All offers not fitting our definition of a package deal, including discounts, free items, concert tickets and coupons (not associated with a hotel stay or other package offer) will be placed in a category called "Other Special Offers and Discounts".

Adding Your Packages



  1. Log in to this web site with the log in information previously provided to you with your Visit Spokane Partnership information.

    • If you do not remember your password, visit the link and click on the "Forgot Password?" link.

    • If you need help logging in or have not received log in information, please contact Brooklyn Gibson at or 509.742.9382.

  2. Click on the “Web” tab.
    Step 2

  3. Click on the “Add New Coupon” button on the right side. A new form will pop up.

  4. In the “Offer Title” box, enter the title of your offer. Feel free to get creative!

  5. If the offer is listed on your web site, you may copy and paste the link from your site into the “Offer Link” box. Otherwise, leave this box blank.

  6. In the “Offer Text” box, enter your offer. Make sure you explain everything the offer entails including a description, price, restrictions or blackout dates, etc. Please DO NOT include your business name, address, phone number or web site – this information will automatically populate from our database.

    • If you are concerned that we do not have the correct information for your business in our system, please contact Brooklyn Gibson, Business Development Services Manager, at or 509.742.9382 to update your information.

  7. The “Redeem From” and “Redeem To” dates tell visitors when they can use the offer.

  8. The “Post From” and “Post To” dates refer to when the offer will be put online and when it will be taken off. DO NOT fill in these boxes. The dates will be entered by Visit Spokane staff and will vary depending on the promotion type.

  9. In the “Coupon Categories” section, please select the appropriate categories from the “Available” box and click the blue button with the single arrow pointing to the “Selected” box. For example, if you are a hotel offering Riverfront Park passes, select “Children & Families.” If you do not know which to choose, feel free to leave it blank and Visit Spokane staff will select the most appropriate categories for you.

  10. Select the check box for your listings on This will determine if your offer will show up with your business description on our website.

  11. Enter the “Price Range” for your offer. This will insure it is added with the title of your offer.

  12. Be sure to select an option for “How to Redeem”. It is very important that the consumer can understand how they can take advantage of your offer.  If a code is needed to reserve the package online, note it here.

  13. Make sure to click “Save.”

    • Note: Once you click Save, your package will not be seen by you until it is approved or denied by Visit Spokane’s staff. If it is denied, you will receive an email with a reason for its denial. Editing may be required.

    • Feel free to list as many offers as you like. Repeat these steps for any additional offers.

Special Offers Fill In Form

If you have any questions about entering Special Offers or would like some ideas on what kind of things visitors are looking for, please contact Charlotte Finnegan, Director of Group Travel & Leisure Sales.

Charlotte Finnegan, CMP
Director of Group Travel & Leisure Sales | Visit Spokane
601 W 1st Ave, Ste 1000
Spokane, WA  99201
Direct: (509) 363-6831| (800) 662-0084