Why do I need photos?

We use partner photos frequently in our marketing efforts at Visit Spokane for new content featuring seasonal things to do, places to stay, entertainment, events and so much more. Photos also get used for our email campaigns, blog, social media, on our website, in print and presentations to meeting professionals. This is why it is important for us to have good photos. In fact, when we receive good photos from you, we will usually find a way to use them!

Where will my photo show up?

Your partnership with Visit Spokane comes with a web profile that we call a listing. You can have up to six photos (per category) and a logo along with your tailored listing description that looks like this:


Listing View Italia Markup


Additionally, your listing shows up in a list with other properties. A good sharp photo will make your listing stand out:

How do I pick good photos?

  • Find a photo that highlights your business' distinct advantage:
    • Restaurants - food pictures work very well.
    • Accommodations - pictures of your rooms, social area and friendly staff or customers seem to be the ticket. They are always better with people in them!
    • Retail - people looking at your products.
  • Large photo: needs to look good when the user expands the photo.
    • The minimum size for a full size listings picture is: 730 px wide by 485 px tall.
    • Here is an example of a quality expanded photo:


Expanded Photo Markup Doubletree

A side note about file formats:

There are many different types of photos. The easiest way to find your picture format (if it is not in the title extension, ex: yourphoto.jpg is a JPEG photo) is to change your view settings in your file browser window. If you select detail view, the type column will tell you what your file type is:

File Type Markup

When sending us a photo, a JPG file CAN NOT BE EXPANDED, so it is imperative that the photo is the maximum size available and not copied from your website (unless it is already very large on your website). For logos some files are better than others. If you have a piece of artwork with these file formats, you do not need to change a thing. Simply send us the file!

  • .EPS
  • .AI
  • .PDF

How do I send my photos?

Way #1
The best way to send us photos is directly through the partner login page: Visit Spokane Partner Extranet

If you do not have your login, please follow the link then click "Forgot Password" or contact

Brooklyn Gibson

  1. Login
    Visit Spokane Partner Extranet Login Page
  2. Find the "Web" tab
    web tab ss
  3. Select "Media" just below the Web tab you just clicked
    Media Button ss
  4. Click on the blue button titled "New Logo/Image"
    New Photo button ss
  5. Select "image" as the type
  6. Enter a title for your picture
  7. Find the picture file on your computer by clicking the "Browse" button
  8. Finally, make sure to select the check boxes for what listings you want that the photo to show up on
    1. this is a great way to highlight meeting space for a meeting specific listing or your restaurant and so on...5-9
  9. Click "Save"
    1. A staff member will receive a message and your photo will remain pending until we go in and approve the new photo

9b pending ss

Way #2
Photos can be emailed to:

Brooklyn Gibson
Business Development Services Manager

Example Listing

To see a great example listing with photos, text, logo, video and special offers, click 
Northern Quest Resort and Casino

Please note that Northern Quest has paid for an advanced listing that features more photosIf you would like to discuss more options available regarding your listings, please contact your sales manager:

Julianne Kerley

Business Development Sales Manager

Julie Morin

Business Development Sales Manager