Brand Partnerships

The Spokane Regional Brand is only as strong as we work together to make it. Through co-branding and using the visual elements in creative ways, we can create a recognizable brand for our entire region. Some businesses and organizations are already doing this! Take a look at the ways Spokane is working together to embrace the brand and get inspired to join the message.

U District Magazine

Visit Spokane partnered with the U District, the City of Spokane and their agency to create the U District Magazine, co-branded with the Spokane Regional Brand. The magazine uses several elements of the brand and synchronizes them with the branding for U District and the overall magazine design. It is an excellent example of how elements like color and pattern from the regional brand can be used to enhance other ventures and work alongside different branding and marketing efforts from different organizations.

Color Palette

The agency and designers for the U District Magazine showed us how you can incorporate parts of the regional brand palette into the over all color palette for different brands. In this example, they pulled the Spokane purple from the primary palette and the aqua from the secondary palette and put it alongside the U District's orange, yellow and green.


In this example, the magazine uses the regional brand patterns as the back drop for the quote pull outs in the magazine features. The patterns are subtle and use a variety of colors from the magazine color palette.

Blending Elements

By pulling elements such as color and pattern, the U District Magazine is a great example of how by using pieces of the Spokane Regional Brand in your marketing materials you can make all messaging for Spokane look and sound like close relatives rather than distant strangers.

Downtown Spokane Partnership

DSP has worked with Visit Spokane to make the regional brand a vibrant part of the downtown core. By using street banners and skywalk paintings they've made the brand part of everyday life in Spokane and incorporated the visual elements into already existing initiatives. They also used visual elements of the brand in their 2018 spring guide.

Spokane Hoopfest

Spokane Hoopfest partnered with Visit Spokane to create a welcome banner for players. The banner features the Hoopfest logo and branding, but also includes the regional brand colors and logo. The banner will be displayed along I-90 during the month of June as the city gears up for the annual tournament.

Haystack Heights Cohousing

Haystack Heights Cohousing seamlessly included elements of the regional brand on their website. By including the visual elements on the "Our City" section of their website, they were able to co-brand without diluting their own brand messaging.

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