Brand Position

Our brand position articulates our value and uniqueness -- a shorthand expression of the fundamental nature of the Spokane Region. It establishes how we want to be perceived and serves as the basis for developing the Spokane experience. The brand position isn't intended to be used verbatim with external audiences. Instead, it serves as an organizing principle for how we think about our relationship with locals, businesses, and visitors at every point of contact.

Spokane is the Capital of the Inland Northwest

Spokane is the vibrant metropolitan center serving as the cultural, economic, educational, and social hub of the Inland Northwest. Our community of get-it-done dreamers has co-created an urban hub distinguished by inventive and ambitious events, inspired restaurateurs, micro-breweries and wine-makers, exceptional educators, and curious minds. The Spokane region is the hassle-free antidote to the friction of modern living. Our accessible city experience -- punctuated by an urban river gorge -- couples civility, livability and simplicity for the highest possible rate of reward in life.