Native American Tours

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Teepee Camp, Long Boat Ride and Jet Boating (Time: 11 hours)

Travel 2 ½ hours south to the Clearwater River Company, to your riverside teepee camp, on the Lewis and Clark Trail, for a hands-on experience as taught by the Native Americans. Learn the skills Lewis and Clark were taught in order to survive by native peoples who had an intimate understanding of the land and its natural resources. Then, take a river trip in a long boat down the river. Relive the days of the Nez Perce Indians and Corps of Discovery, it's an experience unlike any other. Have a barbecue lunch there. Next, travel to Clarkston (30 minutes away) to America's deepest gorge, Hell's Canyon, where you'll ride Beamers' jet boat down the Snake River. This is an unforgettable trip through the beautiful and rugged country of the Northwest. See ancient petroglyphs along the way. Have a box dinner on the way back to Spokane or dinner in the city when you return. You may also just do the teepee camp or jet boat ride.

  • After your experience at the teepee camp, travel to the Nez Perce National Historical Park visitors center which contains exhibits about Nez Perce culture. Audiovisual programs also highlight Nez Perce culture as well as area history.


Historic Forts, Missions and Fossil Digging (Time: 8 ½ hours)

Travel west to Fort Spokane, established in 1812 by the Pacific Fur Company on the banks of Lake Roosevelt. Then travel north up the lake, through the Spokane Indian Reservation and stop for lunch in Republic. After lunch, get hands-on at the Stonerose Interpretive Center, a place where impressions of plants, insects and fish that lived millions of years ago can be found in the rocks. The organisms found at Stonerose lived nearly 50 million years ago, in a time known as Eocene Epoch. You will be provided with a hammer and cold chisel to split the rocks. Last stop is St. Paul's Mission, built in 1837 by the Catholic Missionaries. After a tour of the Mission, return to Spokane. This is a seasonal option.