Autumn Colors at the Spokane Falls

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Healthier Meetings

Spokane’s eco-friendly amenities make it easy to host a green meeting. Go the extra mile for meeting attendees by making it a healthy meeting too. Locally grown food, plentiful outdoor activities, public transit and walkable city streets will make sure your meeting attendees get exercise, fresh air and healthy food so they feel alert and energized for busy days and nights. Take a look at these ways to make sure your meeting has a low impact on the environment and a high impact on meeting attendees.

Fresh Food

Locally grown, seasonal ingredients provide diners with delicious, fresh and healthy options. In addition to local specialties such as Shepherd’s grain breads, hydroponic lettuces and huckleberries, Spokane’s close proximity to rich agricultural areas throughout Eastern and Central Washington provides countless other foods that grow in the region, including grapes, apples and much more.

Fresh Air

In Spokane, the scenery is more likely to take your breath away than the air quality. Spokane has more than 300 “good” air quality days each year, and the American Lung Association’s 2012 “State of the Air” gave Spokane an A for air quality. You can be assured that the air inside is clean too. Spokane has a citywide smoking ban in public places, and the public facilities meet LEED standards for indoor air quality.

Clean Water

Encourage meeting attendees to bring a refillable water bottle rather than providing bottled water and take advantage of Spokane’s clean, delicious water. According to the City of Spokane Water Department, the aquifer that provides water to the area is pure enough to drink straight out of the ground without any treatment.

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Riverside State Park

Proximity to Nature

With more than 260 days of sunshine each year and great air quality, active meeting attendees can enjoy hiking, bikingrafting or skiing during their free time. There are 87 parks and 4,100 acres of green space within city limits, including Riverfront Park and the Centennial Trail, so meeting attendees can enjoy nature without having to leave town. For anyone with extra time to explore, attractions like Mount Spokane and the Turnbull National Wildlife Refuge showcase the region’s ample natural beauty.


Downtown Amenities

Meeting attendees looking to stretch their legs will love Spokane’s pedestrian-friendly downtown. With hotels, event centers, restaurants and entertainment all within walking distance, meeting attendees won’t need a car unless they want one. For those occasions when there’s something further than a mile or two, Spokane’s bus and shuttle routes make it easy to get around town on public transit.