Attendance Promotion

From the moment you book a conference in Spokane, we are ready to help. We'll get your meeting off to a great start by creating an extensive, customized attendance promotion campaign, including:

  • A presence at the prior convention, including literature, display booth, promotional video, giveaways, customized publications, and even staffing (subject to availability and conference size).
  • Speakers. We are pleased to make presentations to organizations and potential attendees whenever possible.
  • A presence in appropriate publications. (photos, sample text, advertisements)
  • Letters from city dignitaries inviting potential attendees to discover Spokane.
  • Web promotional tools
  • Photos, videos, customized literature (bookmarks and postcards)

For more information and ideas on attendance promotion, contact Amy Cabe, Director of Convention Services, 509.742.9376, email.

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