Group Incentives

In Spokane, it's all about ease and simplicity. We are dedicated to helping you create a versatile and engaging event by working to create tailored incentives that fit your specific group needs. Connect with one of our spirited sales managers today to talk about how we can help you experience

the ease of life and business in Spokane.



Rob Enriquez

Vice President of Sales & Marketing

Jeff Poole

Senior Director of Sales

Markets: Mid Atlantic & Northeast

Shannon Shannon

Associate Director of Sales

Markets: World Wide Group Association, World Science Fiction Society

Sonja Haddad

Director of National Accounts

Markets: Religious, Ethnic, Fraternal, Culture, Fine Arts, Libraries, Social Welfare, Military Reunions, Heritage, Patriotic, Veterans

Lisa McHaffie

Director of National Accounts

Markets: Hobby & Vocational, Trade, Commercial or Business, Labor Union, Manufacturing, Tourism, Sports, Tour and Travel

Shannon Smith

Director of National Accounts

Markets: West Region, 399 Room Nights & Below

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