Welcome to Spokane

Military Order of the Purple Heart
July 30 - August 3, 2018


You spend your entire day learning and collaborating during conferences, it can be overwhelming in the best way. But when the sessions are over and the stream of new information has come to a stop, you want to relax and unwind, share a meal with colleagues, or maybe search for a must-have treasure in local shops, or even get outside and stretch your legs after a long day inside. In Spokane, all of that is just minutes and steps from Hotel RL Spokane at the Park.

Making the most of your time in Spokane is hassle-free and it’s easy to enjoy everything our great city has waiting to share with you. Dinner, shopping, fresh air, it’s all waiting for you. Spokane is so walkable that you don't have to choose.

Culinary adventures await you after your meeting! Within a 10-minute walk of your convention hotel there are dozens of bold and daring restaurants with inspired chefs waiting to welcome you with a relaxing meal. Sip local wine or cheers a pint of Spokane Style craft beer while you connect with friends old and new. In Spokane you don’t have to search to find the post-conference nosh you’ve been craving since lunch, and you don’t have to wade through traffic to get there, it’s there right outside the doors.

Spokane is a gateway to many adventures not far from your hotel room. Enjoy Spokane, and then extend your stay with a lovely drive to Glacier, Yellowstone or Olympic National Parks. All of them are accessible from our city. You can also embark on great regional excursions to the beautiful Palouse, the Colville National Forest, or explore your way to the Canadian border.

Our inviting city is home to seven public golf courses as well as several beautiful private courses. Experience Indian Canyon Golf Course. The 87-year-old course is ranked by Golf Digest as on the top 25 public courses. In Spokane it's easy to enjoy a day on the greens followed by a night on the town with friends enjoying incredible meals and locally crafted beverages.

Sometimes you just need to unwind with a brisk post-conference walk, or get your blood pumping with a quick run. Within minutes of your last session of the day you can change into your gear and hit the 40-mile Centennial Trail while you take in breath taking views of the majestic Spokane River gorge. Scenic views and a 100-acre park are adjacent to the Hotel RL.

In Spokane you get your time back and can enjoy more. You can take that walk, get in a round of golf and grab a great meal prepared by an award-winning chef all in one day. Spokane is proud to welcome the Military Order of the Purple Heart to our gracious city, and we hope you love every minute you spend here.