American Restaurants in Spokane

When it comes to comfort food, there’s nothing quite like traditional American fare. Of course, in the melting pot that is our country, defining American food is difficult. The category includes standards like burgers and steak, but also includes items like pizza and nachos which have earned their place through decades of adaptation and placement on American menus. Among Spokane’s selection of American restaurants, you’ll find all that plus unexpected new classics.

Southern Classics

Head to Casper Fry in the South Perry District to experience one restaurant’s Southern take on American food. Take your pick of classic Southern dishes like shrimp and grits, jambalaya, fried chicken, and po’boys—all made with fresh ingredients from the region and created with an upscale twist.

The modern industrial décor features high ceiling and exposed brick which enhance the non-complicated theme of the food. Before you head out to explore the rest of the Perry District, like the nearby Grant Park or revitalized shops along Perry Street, make sure you try some of the desserts made by Madeleine's Cafe & Patisserie. The decadent Kentucky bourbon pecan pie is not to be missed.

Burgers Galore

To taste perhaps the most-recognized type of American food, visit The Onion Bar & Grill for a gourmet burger. A presence in the city for several decades, this Spokane original is known for burgers but also offers plenty of American favorites, like steak, tacos, and pizza. All burgers feature fresh, local lean ground beef.  The quality beef in the Kumo burger is topped with pulled pork and smoked bacon for a triple meat treat. Each of the two locations also includes the Area 51 Taphouse with 51 different brews on tap. If all the variety of the entrée and drink menus is a bit overwhelming for you, the friendly staff can help guide you.

In Spokane, local chefs’ propensity towards regional ingredients means that American food is thoroughly of this country. Not only are the menus of Spokane’s American restaurants full of traditional recipes, they also feature dishes inspired by locally sourced ingredients and brought to life by talented chefs.

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