Asian Restaurants in Spokane

The increasingly global world we live has its perks. In Spokane, it means that flavors from the Far East make their way to our place on the map. Visitors can take their pick of Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Indian, Vietnamese, and Thai food, to name a few.

World Flavors, Local Favorite

For an authentic taste of Thailand, head to Thai Bamboo. Consistently listed on best of Spokane lists, the co-owner is from Thailand, so you can count on the extensive menu to deliver true-to-Thai cuisine. Whether you’re just trying the food for your first time or are well-versed in the realm of Thai flavors, you’ll have a plethora of options to satisfy your palate. Go for the popular and reliable phad thai as an entry dish, or dive deeper into the menu with dishes like curry salmon or the swimming rama—chicken or tofu marinated in Thai spices and herbs, sautéed and served on a bed of spinach topped with peanut sauce. The imported décor from Thailand makes a visit all the more worthwhile.

Change Your Perspective

Get your ramen fix at Nudo Ramen House with two Spokane locations. If you still think of dehydrated noodles and a packet of seasoning when ramen comes to mind, be prepared to throw that notion out the window. Nudo pairs fresh Japanese noodles with flavorful broth, meat, and veggies for a filling meal in a modern setting. The owner has an architecture background and the restaurant reflects this with sleek lines and minimalist styling which allows the bold Lichtenstein-style pop art decorating the walls to stand out. Diners are not limited to ramen either, select from chow mein, rice bowls, sushi, mochi for dessert, and even a ramen burger composed of two ramen buns sandwiching a Kobe beef patty.
From fast food to buffets, fine dining to food trucks, tasting your way through the Asian food in Spokane allows you to explore a side of the city you’ll be glad you did.

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