Coffee Shops, Bakeries, Cafés in Spokane

Washington is known for taking coffee seriously. After all, it’s the only state with coffee listed as an official drink. This passion for java can be found throughout the Spokane bakeries, coffee shops, and roasters which embrace the caffeinated beverage as a way of life.

The many options let visitors take their coffee in true Spokane fashion through cafés which
elevate the drink from a mere liquid to a treasured elixir. In Spokane, there’s always a coffee shop when you want it—and it just might change the way you view coffee and the coffee drinking experience.

If you prefer your coffee close to the source, you’re in luck. Spokane is home to several local coffee roasters which source beans globally to produce a thoughtful single-origin or blended roast.

Indaba Coffee Roasters fill their coffee shops with their own special roasts and skilled baristas ready to guide you through a coffee journey. Unique brews, like a lemon vanilla or lavender latte, are created with an almost scientific approach for a drink which truly showcases the freshly roasted beans. Stop on by on your way in or out of browsing the whimsical gifts at Boo Radley or to take a coffee with you to walk around Riverfront Park or take on a jaunt on Centennial Trail. 

Another local roaster putting their craft on display is Tom Sawyer Country Coffee. With your thirst quenched and your caffeine fix met, you can sit back and relax while taking in the sights, sounds, and smells of coffee being freshly roasted, pour-overs being expertly served, and a display of antique coffee accessories and tools.

To sit, sip, and savor, look no further than possibly the best accompaniment to coffee, pastries. Area bakeries take pride in utilizing the region’s fresh ingredients, resulting in heavenly baked goods prime for pairing with a hot or iced coffee. 

Madeleine's Café & Patisserie is one Spokane bakery putting a French twist on their creations. Browsing books at Auntie’s Bookstore across Main Street? The scent of light and airy croissants might draw you in, but the welcoming café environment with a selection of savory French dishes for breakfast and lunch will get you to stay for a meal and definitely dessert.

Common Crumb Artisan Bakery takes its pastries as seriously as Spokane takes it coffee. Rustic bread is made using old-world techniques which reflect the dedication to craft observed here. You might come for the much talked about jumbo macaroons but leave with a seasonal treat like molasses cookies in the fall or a peaches and cream éclair in the summer. The baked goods here are so in demand, you’ll find them as the in-house pastries of coffee shops throughout town.

You don’t have to look far for your coffee or espresso fix in Spokane. The city is replete with every format of coffee shop drive-throughs are everywhere, along with walk-up stands, lounges, and roasters—serving liquid gold along with freshly baked goods to complement that strong cup of joe.

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