Ice Cream and Sweets

Sometimes you just need a sweet treat. Maybe you’ve just had your first amazing meal in Spokane and want to see how dessert could possibly top it. Perhaps you’re celebrating a momentous occasion and indulgence is in order. Or maybe you just want to refresh with delicious ice cream midway through a day of exploring. You’ll find the sweets and ice cream in Spokane is just what you’d expect: fresh, local, and unique.


For bite-sized sweets you’ll want to write home about, check out Bruttles Gourmet Candies. Boasting a recipe for soft peanut butter brittle that is over 60 years old, this Spokane tradition is a must-try. Their Peanut Bruttle, a cross between peanut butter and brittle, is equally notable. While both are soft and flaky, the Bruttle is completely free of nuts and dipped in chocolate. Luckily for you, these confections are available by the package to take home or order online when you’re missing Spokane.

Another noteworthy local candy maker is Halletts Chocolates. With a presence in Spokane since 1978, this award-winning chocolatier is known for its Huckleberry Bliss, buttercream-filled chocolate featuring house-made buttercream, and the local favorite flavor of huckleberry. You can grab an espresso drink while you browse chocolates, so be sure to also try the popular salted caramels made with gray sea salt and habanero caramels, both with caramel made in-house.

Ice Cream

Get your gourmet ice cream fix at Brain Freeze Creamery. The ice cream here is super creamy thanks to high-fat content and their very own creamery where the many decadent flavors are made. With a variety of rotating flavors, there’s always something new to try and they also offer vegan options.

The Scoop is a locally owned family business just like Brain Freeze; however, they differ by making their ice cream fresh daily using liquid nitrogen. You can get the yummy flavors, like Banoffee Pie or Caramel Coffee Toffee, served atop a liege waffle or alongside a variety of coffee beverages.

If frozen yogurt is more your style, then head to Spokane’s local option, Froyo Earth-Wandermere. Let your love of toppings run wild and load up your cup with any of the over 30 candy, nut, fruit, and syrup toppers you desire. The pay-by-the-ounce setup lets you get as much or as little froyo and toppings as you like.

Satisfy your sweet tooth with your pick of ice cream and treats made with love by Spokane’s dedicated purveyors of sugary indulgence.

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