Ice Cream and Sweets

From cupcakes to ice cream to zombie-themed doughnuts, those with a sweet tooth will find plenty to rave about in Spokane.


At Sweet Frostings Blissful Bake Shop visitors will find a cornucopia of delicious sweets. Their window is aglow with the warm colors of toasted coconut, lemon smoothie, and key lime pie cupcakes in addition to a slew of other treats. For a classic candy experience, family-owned Bruttles’ sells Soft Peanut Butter Brittle, a recipe first perfected by the current owner’s aunt over 60 years ago.

Ice Cream

Every charming neighborhood needs a local ice scream store, and you’ll find three of the best here. At The Scoop, you can stroll through the South Hill’s canopy of tree line streets and pop in for a waffle cone. Just west of downtown in Browne’s Addition, you can tour historic homes and stop at Cannon Coffee and Cone. And Doyle’s Ice Cream in West Central has served loyal customers since 1939.

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