Spokane Nightlife in 360

Spokane Nightlife

The sun has set. Your hiking boots are off and your shopping bags are tucked away. But it would be foolish to think that your day is over, when in a way it has only begun. There is another side to Spokane, one that comes alive after dark. So don't forget to add our thrilling nightlife to your travel agenda – you won't want to miss out on the dancing, music, clubs, and concerts available around town every night of the week.

Make the most of your travel adventure by adding live music to the mix. Local haunts The Bartlett give both visitors and locals the kind of unique musical experiences you cannot find anywhere else. For the biggest touring acts, you need to see who is coming to the First Interstate Center for the Arts and the Spokane Arena – both spots feature an assortment of star performers.

Then again, there are times when you just need to dance. Waltz into Globe Bar & Kitchen or nYne for a hip bar atmosphere that happily accommodates cocktails, good food, and dancing. 
For a night out at a different speed, head over to Impulse at Northern Quest Resort & Casino. This chic nightclub is the ideal spot to dancing the night away between hands of blackjack. After all, this is your vacation: bedtimes need not apply.

In Spokane, nothing is too far afield. Our convenient city center makes it easy to transition from work to play or day to night. Head downtown to the Peacock Lounge in the Historic Davenport Hotel and check out their unique cocktail menu. The rebellious visitor can even fight back against Prohibition at the Volstead Act, with libations certain to bring out your inner Al Capone.

No matter what brings you to our dynamic home, we have a host of other activities to balance out your stay. Our wineries pair perfectly with our farmer's markets, our golf courses are on par with our museums, and the cool mist of the Spokane River down the falls flows into hot nights. Spokane is creative by nature – no matter what time you visit. Night owls are always welcome.  

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