Craft Cocktails in Spokane

Spokane’s burgeoning cocktail scene is a highlight of the region’s nightlife. Experienced mixologists in Spokane are ready to prepare the perfect drink to make your taste buds sing. 

Downtown Spokane and the surrounding areas are host to a variety of unique craft cocktail venues that offer top-shelf liquors and a dedicated staff to make your experience one to remember.

Downtown Cocktails

Downtown, you’ll find great establishments such as Bistango Martini Lounge. Bistango offers a wide range of cocktails, both classic and avant garde. Their pièce de résistance is certainly their premium-liquor martinis, however they also have a full list of over 200 liquors and wines. 

Another must-visit spot in Spokane’s Downtown area is the Peacock Room Lounge at the Historic Davenport Hotel. Known for its ornate décor and great drinks it’s not wonder why the Peacock Room Lounge is considered the mecca of Downtown nightlife in Spokane. 


U District Craft Cocktails

Outside of Downtown near the U District, you will find a variety of other craft cocktail bars including Clover. Clover’s ever-changing cocktail menu will keep you guessing with a wide array of flavors and tastes. Each cocktail is prepared with fresh ingredients from local farms and neighboring communities.

If you want a purely eastern Washington cocktail, go to Dryfly Distilling in the U District.  They make craft cocktails exclusively with spirits distilled locally using regionally produced ingredients in line with their motto--”From Farm to Bottle.”  The results is the most authentically Intermountain Northwest craft cocktails made from unique wheat whiskeys, vodkas, bourbon, and gin. Come try them in the Dryfly Tasting Room or check out the events calendar for distillery tours.

Twigs Bistro and Martini Bar provides a modern atmosphere with an elegant cocktail menu. Known for its vintage martinis, Twigs Bistro is the perfect place to meet with friends for happy hour or catch a late-night drink with your friends or a date. With several locations in the region including one in River Park Square in Downtown and another in Spokane Valley, you’re sure to be near a Twigs for craft cocktails, shaken, stirred, mulled, and more!

Find a mixologist in greater Spokane by exploring our craft cocktail listings.

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