Wine, Beer, and Spirits

Locally made wine, beer and spirits are a must taste in Spokane, a home to inventive crafters.

With more than 40 craft brewers in the region, our beer is a stand-out, not only at local bars, but in the nation. Sip a pint of Spokane Style beer from No-Li Brewhouse – a FDA recognized style of beer, the ingredients all come from within 200-miles of the city. As Spokane’s craft beer scene continues to thrive and grow, we get to reap the rewards. Discover all the malts and hops you can handle on the Inland Northwest Ale Trail and make sure to bring a sample home with you to share.

Swirl and sip our many award-winning wines. Each wine maker has their own unique story, and many of them love to share as you enjoy the fermented fruits of their labor. From wine created with the help of near-by train track vibrations, to a massive operation maintained by just two brothers, and even a historic estate, every bottle and barrel in Spokane has its own tale that you can taste with every sip.

If something stronger is more your style, sample some of Spokane’s locally made spirits. Featuring Washington wheat, Dry Fly Distilling creates a whiskey you simply can’t find anywhere else. 
So, sit back, enjoy a glass and toast your trip to Spokane. 

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