Spokane Arts & Culture

Spokane is an artistic and cultural hub in the Pacific Northwest. With a vibrant metropolitan center, our city is a meeting place for artists, performers, curators, musicians, and creatives of all types. Alongside our renowned wineries and urban river gorge, you will find hidden gems in our art galleries, museums, theaters, and historic buildings to make your visit truly memorable. Why settle for either nature or culture when you could have the best of both? In Spokane, we are creative by nature.

The Art and Culture of Spokane

Experience the Art And Culture of Spokane

Spokane Museums

Get a taste of the rich culture, past, present, and future inside the numerous museums located in Spokane. From the grand halls and paintings of the Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture to the exploration of history found inside the Spokane Vallery Heritage Museum, the museums of Spokane are a great way to explore the different worlds, cultures and perspectives of the city.

Spokane Theater and Live Performance

The city of Spokane is rich with the art of music, theater and live performance events, taking place at the numerous theaters across the region. The Spokane Symphony is renowned for its live music events, with a variety of unique shows which change each season. The Spokane Civic Theater is one of the oldest performance community theaters in the country, founded all the way back in 1947. If the classic plays strike your fancy, Spokane's Best of Broadway has you covered.

Spokane Art Map

Looking for an interactive map of the numerous art galleries, museums, performance houses and more? Luckily Spokane Arts, the city's premier purveyor of the arts, created a comprehensive map of all the important art locations and landmarks in Spokane.

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