Pig Out In The Park

Pig Out In The Park

There are few ventures of the human spirit that manage to retain long-term integrity as they grow in popularity: the once-unconquered peak of Mount Everest is now a tourist trap littered with spent oxygen bottles; comedian/talk-show host Ellen DeGeneres was a judge on season nine of American Idol.

Spokane’s annual food booth bonanza Pig Out in the Park, on the other hand, has held onto the purity of its roots with a firm—albeit slightly greasy—grip.

While the number of vendors has steadily grown since the event’s inception, not much else has changed. A short walk through Pig Out will tell you everything you need to know—this event is about one thing: eating a lot of really good food.

This six-day festival has been stuffing stomachs in Spokane since the Carter Administration and has become a regional favorite for locals and visitors alike. Dozens of food vendors populate a labyrinth of booths in Spokane’s Riverfront Park. Here are some nitty-gritty details about Pig Out in The Park:

  • Pig Out starts Wednesday, August 31 and runs daily from 11am-10pm through Monday, September 5.
  • There are 45 food booths serving a cumulative total of 200 different menu items.
  • The soundtrack to your Pig Out experience will be performances from 100 national, regional and local bands.
  • Entrance to the event is free, but it’s nearly impossible to walk through without buying something, and it’s likely that you will buy more than one something. Many vendors accept card payment, but it’s a good idea to bring a little cash.
  • Most vendors offer a $3 sample-size portion during special hours (3 – 5pm and 9 – 10pm daily)—this is the key to maximizing your Pig Out Variety. Menu items range from ethnic classics like veggie falafel and empanadas to experimental-yet-quintessentially-American culinary curiosities like bacon-wrapped corndogs and donut-bun cheeseburgers.
  • All of this food will undoubtedly make you thirsty. Fortunately, the Pig Out planners are on the ball—there are three adult beverage gardens where you can wet your whistle.

Whether you’re a die-hard foodie or a picky eater who only eats chicken strips and ketchup, you’ll find something delicious at Pig Out in the Park.