If you’d like to skip the mass retailers and shop Spokane boutiques, you can find thoughtful collections put together by passionate small business owners.

You can easily spend a day getting caught up in the many boutiques throughout Spokane. Shop the plethora of fashion spots to find something new for a night on the town. Peruse home décor and gift purveyors for a one-of-a-kind finds. Each boutique presents the unique aesthetic of one of Spokane’s own.

Lolo is one such local shop. With both clothing and home accessories, finding something you love is the easy part. Deciding what you can’t fit in your suitcase is another struggle. The boutique’s array of must-haves is set within a decidedly modern décor scheme with windows lining the façade to give your shopping expedition a bright and airy tone. The boutique also sells candles and perfumes that greet you aromatically upon entrance and will give you or your home a delightful new scent.

Or you can try White Lavender, where the boutique experience is designed as a chic interpretation of country living. Interspersed with floral accents and rustic displays, this boutique immediately sets the mood of shopping for a whimsical new treasure that would make everyone from your grandmother to granddaughter happy. The ever-changing selection remains current by reflecting the season, so you’ll always find something you can put into rotation right away, whether it’s to wear or to gift to someone you love. 

Refresh you retail expectations by shopping Spokane’s welcoming boutiques. The friendly service of these local stores will leave quite the impression, reminding you exactly of how shopping should be—easy, helpful, and rewarding.

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