Shopping Areas and Malls

Spokane is pocketed with shopping areas to suit every need or trend. Opt for the classic mall experience with everything you need under one roof or explore shopping centers to chance upon local retail gems as you get to know the city.

Funky Town

Shopping the Garland Business District is one option reflecting the funky and eclectic side of Spokane. The area is a concentration of a wide variety of local businesses all within walking distance. You can shop for a violin worthy of a symphony or pick up a gently used guitar still reverberating with quality sound. Purveyors representing the city’s niche cultural interests include book, art, jewelry, and even fly fishing supply stores.


One of several malls that have it all in the Spokane area is River Park Square. This downtown shopping mall is loaded with dozens of national chains and balanced with a smattering of independent, locally-owned businesses. Here, you can truly spend a day at the mall because River Park Square also contains a movie theater for the latest films, children’s museum for mid-shopping kids’ activities, and plenty of casual or fine dining choices. 

Spokane Valley

If venturing out of the city center, the Spokane Valley Mall features flagship department stores like Macy’s and JCPenney plus smaller, yet nationally known, mall stores like H&M, Forever 21, Old Navy, Justice, PacSun, and more!

Refurb Fabulous

If you seek a touch of history with your shopping, Spokane has several options, like the Flour Mill. This historic building has remained a presence in the city for over a hundred years and retains its industrial architecture of brick and wood. Strolling through the stores lets you simultaneously reminisce on Spokane’s early days and shop for unique souvenirs. You can follow your nose to the wafting aromas from luxurious chocolates, fine cigars, and aromatherapy supplies.

Whether you choose a shopping center, mall, or specific area—or maybe find one without trying—you’re sure to walk away with a piece of Spokane you’ll always remember.

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