Wineries, Breweries, and Distilleries

Looking for a local libation that’s so delicious it changes the way you think about drinks? The Spokane region is filled to the brim with tasty microbrews, robust wines, and daring distilleries. When you visit you’ll get to taste the innovation that goes into all the only-in-Spokane cocktails and other delicious beverages. Winemakers who harvest some of the world’s best wine grapes to produce the perfect red, distillers who use Washington wheat to create husky whiskeys and cideries using fruit plucked from local branches to ferment a brilliance you’ll only find here. It’s a spark of imagination you don’t just taste, you experience. Pull up a chair, raise a glass and toast Spokane’s innovative tastemakers in a city filled with hospitable grace. 

Spokane Spotlights