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Experience the Power of the Spokane Falls

Spokane Falls

Amid the charm and bustle of urban downtown Spokane you’ll hear it before you see it: an awesome roar. It’s the inspiring sound of the Spokane River. Nestled amongst the historic brick buildings, busy sidewalks contrasted by lush greenery, you’ll find this jaw-dropping, bold beauty carved into rock in the epic river gorge.

Every spring the thunderous pounding of water rips through the heart of the city. Set against the tranquil backdrop of Riverfront Park, the Spokane Falls are an experience in sight and sound. Stand over the surging walls of water on a suspension bridge, walk or bike next to it along the Centennial Trail, or simply stand, dumbstruck, by nature’s exquisite masterpiece.

Spokane’s Riverfront Park is the setting, the Spokane Falls are the flawless diamond. Historically, the Falls have served as a marriage between place and hospitality. A gathering spot for the local tribes.

Separated by Lincoln Street, Huntington Park and Riverfront Park share the incredible vistas of the Spokane Falls. Board the SkyRide in Riverfront Park, soar gently above Huntington Park and take in the mixture of raw natural power still being harnessed by the local power company today. Look up and you’ll see the architectural phenomenon, the Monroe Street Bridge.

In today’s modern Spokane, the Spokane Falls serve more than a practical purpose, they serve as a symbol of the city’s thriving virility and hospitable nature.

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