Explore the Spokane Falls

Each spring the Spokane River thunders through the heart of downtown Spokane. Bridges shake. Neighboring walkways shimmer with wetness. Flows can reach upwards of 31,000 cubic feet per second—that’s the equivalent of nearly 232,000 thousand gallons of water racing through a single square foot of the Spokane River in the blink of an eye.

But when you’re looking down from the footbridges at the roaring rapids below, statistics may be the last thing on your mind. The river has an awe-inspiring quality that transcends numbers.

By Foot

Riverfront Park serves as a 100-acre showcase for the Spokane Falls. Trails meander throughout the park and lead to footbridges with stunning views of the water. The downtown portion of the Centennial Trail (marked in blue above) is a great place to start, but don’t stop there. Walkers can stroll through the park’s inner trail system to find all the best views. And don’t skip Huntington Park. Opened in 2014, the park features cascading stairs which skirt the roaring white water, allowing viewers to get closer than ever.

By Bike

The paved Centennial Trail is a favorite among bikers as well. For casual riders, the urban section and an ice cream stop at Brain Freeze Creamery may suffice, but ambitious cyclists can follow the trail west into the sprawling pines and towering basalt rock of Riverside State Park, or east all the way to Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. Need a bike? Spoke n’ Sport is located near the trail and offers rentals. Not sure where to start? ROW Adventures offers guided tours for adults and children.

By Sky

As you tour the falls you may notice a bunch of purple gondolas gliding over the river. That’s the Spokane Falls SkyRide. It's heralded as one of the best cable rides in the world. Riders gradually descend 200 feet, with the thunderous falls crashing beneath them. Bring your camera. The waterfalls’ spray in this portion of the river is famous for rainbows.

Make a Meal Out of It

For true riverfront dining, check out Anthony’s at Spokane Falls or Clinkerdagger, where you’ll find premium steaks, fresh seafood and an array of fine wines. Just west of the Monroe Street Bridge in the Kendall Yards neighborhood, a batch of restaurants can be found just a few feet from the Centennial Trail. Enjoy locally sourced dining at Central Food, artisan pizza at Veraci, brunch at The Yards Bruncheon, or small plates at The Wandering Table.

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