Thank You Sponsors

We extend our sincere gratitude to the sponsors of the Expo '74 50th Celebration for their invaluable support in preserving the event's legacy and shaping the vibrant community of Spokane. Their generosity has played a pivotal role in ensuring that the spirit of innovation, sustainability, and unity that defined Expo '74 continues to inspire future generations. Thank you for your unwavering commitment to our city's heritage and for helping to cultivate a lasting legacy for years to come.

Signature Sponsors

Washington Trust Bank

1974 was a transformative year for Spokane, as the World’s Fair took center stage and became a catalyst for renewal and sustainable growth in the area. It was also a momentous year for Washington Trust Bank. Construction began on the Washington Trust tower in downtown Spokane and bank leadership joined a collection of local visionaries to bring Expo ’74 to the city we’ve been proudly headquartered since 1902.

Fifty years later, we’re still seeing the impact from this significant milestone in our city’s history. The building and restoration of Riverfront Park has culminated in a thriving downtown Spokane and laid the infrastructure for what has now become the center of many of our area’s signature events and unique attractions. That’s reason for celebration.

Washington Trust is proud to partner with Innovia and the City of Spokane to support the 50th Anniversary of Expo ’74. Anniversary events will give citizens and visitors the opportunity to experience the heart of our city and celebrate throughout the summer of 2024. Join us as we come together to honor the legacy of creativity, vision, community, and environmental stewardship that continues to drive the great city of Spokane.

Washington Trust Bank is a member of the FDIC.

NonStop Local KHQ

Fifty years ago, Expo ’74 introduced Spokane's can-do spirit and natural beauty to the world. Today, that enduring charm still captivates people. NonStop Local KHQ is proud to be part of this momentous anniversary.

Station Manager, Jason Ramsey is leading the KHQ team to bring the Inland Northwest, and beyond, live coverage, stories, and unique events of Expo throughout 2024. “We are honored to commemorate the lasting impact of this monumental event and its profound significance to our community.”

For more than 70 years, KHQ has been a local, family-owned company with a passion toward serving this area. KHQ, Inc.

President, Neal Boling said "I’ve always taken pride in NonStop Local KHQ's commitment to our community. As a locally owned and operated entity, our community's achievements are deeply intertwined with our own. Expo ’74 transformed our region positively, and we continue to experience the benefits of that visionary initiative.”

KHQ is excited to mark this moment in history while propelling momentum for the next fifty years of our community's progress. To experience the Expo celebration and learn how to participate visit

Garco Construction

For Garco Construction, the projects associated with Expo ’74, both in the past and present, embody one of the company’s critical core values: building community. From Garco founder and CEO Tim Welsh working as a project engineer on the original U.S. Pavilion, to the recent completion of renovations on the Spokane Pavilion (2019), the purple butterfly (2019), and the Riverfront Park North (2022) and South (2024) Suspension Bridges, Garco and its staff have found immense joy in constructing and renovating spaces that bring community together.

Places of gathering weather the years and evolve into community landmarks, preserving special memories for countless members of the community and visitors alike. Bringing these spaces to life, or reinvigorating them once time has dealt its hand, feels much like being a part of every person’s story — a contributor to their memories and a witness to moments in our community’s collective history. Part of the company's mission is to "enjoy the journey," and projects like these not only empower Garco and its team to enjoy the journey of the project, but for years to come everyone in the community can enjoy the special moments shaped by these places throughout each of our own journeys.

This is why being a part of the Expo ’74 50th Anniversary Celebration holds such significance for Garco — it's a celebration of community, history, and the enduring joy found in the spaces we collectively create and cherish.

Founding Partners