Welcome to Spokane, Washington

We get it. You're ready to get out of the house, and Spokane is eager to host. We want to assure you that our hospitality community is committed to your health and safety. Spokane's accessible downtown and unique blend of outdoor experiences make it the perfect place to find some space in 2021.

Black People Hike

There has for too long been a stereotype that black people don’t hike. Learn about how @black_people_hike and similar groups are opening up the great outdoors for everyone.

Lakes & Rivers

The Spokane River runs right through the heart of our city, but this waterway is just the beginning of freshwater recreation options. From Spokane, you can head in any direction, including downtown, to take…

Outdoor Recreation

Spokane is perfect for people who love the outdoors. From the Spokane River gorge to the peak of Mt. Spokane, you’ll find stunning scenery, adventure, and tranquility.

Top Run Routes in Spokane

Spokane is an incredibly active community. Springtime sunny weather makes for the perfect excuse to, well, go the distance. After a hell of a year (yes, 2020 we're talking about you), many people gravitated…

Things to Do