Convention Services

Spokane is a spirited and inviting city and at Visit Spokane we work to help you create an event that’s as versatile and engaging as the city itself. Our dedicated and experienced Convention Services team is ready to share its love and knowledge of Spokane to curate a unique event that your attendees will love.

As advocates for greater Spokane, our team is poised and ready to connect you to any resources you need. It’s our pleasure to help you plan tours and site visits, find one-of-a-kind venues, and arm you with a list of innovative activities, dining options, marketing materials and other resources to make your event a success.

Spokane is a place that makes it happen. Our expert housing team is waiting in the wings to make sure booking your event is as simple for attendees as possible. With booking and reservations made simple, your guests have more time to enjoy and discover Spokane.

Once you’ve booked Spokane, we want you and your guests to fall in love with our community and everything it’s waiting to share. Contact us today for more information on how we can make your event a flawless representation of your group’s values, goals and needs.  

Convention Services Team

Amy Cabe, CTA

Director of Destination Services

Bethany Letcher

Destination Services & Housing Manager

Molly Utigard

Destination Services Manager

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