Spokane Arts & Culture

Spokane is not only the capital of the Intermountain Northwest; it is also the artistic and cultural hub of the region. A vibrant metropolitan center, our city is a meeting place for artists, performers, curators, musicians, and creatives of all types. Alongside our renowned wineries and urban river gorge, you will find a treasure trove of art galleries, museums, theaters, and historic buildings to make your visit truly memorable. Why settle for either nature or culture when you could have the best of both? In Spokane, we are creative by nature.

Art Galleries

Our enterprising city has a long history of dedication to the arts. You can see that in our art galleries, many of which focus on promoting the work of local and regional artists. Whether you find yourself drawn to the Corbin Art Center, the New Moon Art Gallery, or the Chase Gallery in our own city hall, the artwork nurtured by our community tastemakers is not to be missed. With a broad range of styles, subjects, and disciplines available, the art you'll see in Spokane is sure to inspire you.


Museums are a window into the world around us as well as the past. In Spokane, the variety of exhibitions on display offer a little something for everyone. Come see American Indian art as well as living history at our Smithsonian-endorsed Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture. Or spend the afternoon browsing the Jundt Art Museum's collection of glass by world-famous artisan Dale Chihuly. Plus, there is the Honor Point Military and Aerospace Museum and the Spokane Valley Heritage Museum for all of your history needs. Let education be fun and fulfilling with our quality museum experiences.

Performing Arts

Not all artwork is static; Spokane is just as committed to the performing arts. We offer everything from a professional orchestra, the Spokane Symphony, to an established improv troupe, the Blue Door Theatre. But our love of live entertainment does not end there: in Spokane, you can witness the Best of Broadway at the First Interstate Center for the Arts. Here you'll see your favorite musicals as well as new classics presented by WestCoast Entertainment. After all, there is no substitute for a night at the theater.

Historic Buildings

Even though Spokane is a modern city center, full of first-rate amenities, we have not forgotten our roots. The continued preservation of our historic buildings is a top priority. Maximize your vacation by including a jaunt to architectural landmarks such as the Bing Theater, the Cathedral of Our Lady of Lourdes, the Liberty Building, and the Historic Davenport Hotel. Allow yourself to be transported through time as you appreciate the design and vintage detailing of bygone eras. You'll see that Spokane prides itself in maintaining an ideal balance between the old and the new.

There's no pinning down the arts in Spokane. We find that a rich tapestry of artistic and cultural options only enhances our accessible, hospitable city. Experience the hassle-free antidote to the friction of modern living for yourself by visiting Spokane today.  

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