Annual Events

Spokane shows unwavering support for its community events, welcoming visitors and faithful participants year after year. 

In May, lace up your shoes and join up to 50,000 runners, walkers and rollers for a trek through historical neighborhoods and a majestic state park. The competition is fierce for some, but live bands, silly costumes and the joyous camaraderie are the highlights for most.

The community has created a 3-on-3 basketball tournament that causes hundreds of thousands of people to religiously flock to Downtown Spokane every June. Don’t sweat the practice, it’s the love of the game that keeps ‘em coming back for Hoopfest.

If sports aren’t your thing, you will find a treasure from Spokane’s creative minds at Artfest, Terrain or Bazaar, yearly events that make local art accessible to even the most casual connoisseur. Music lovers can get their fix at Volume Inlander Music Festival, three days of local and regional bands spread throughout the city. Celebrate our diverse culture at the annual Scottish Highlands Games or the all-encompassing Unity in the Community. 

Spokane’s annual events are just as eclectic and inventive as our people. No matter your interests – food, music, art, sports – Spokane has a celebration that you can mark on your calendar year after year.

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