Spokane Things to Do

Indoor or outdoor, any season, any time of the year—there’s always something to do in Spokane. Commune with nature by engaging in the many outdoor options or explore all of the entertainment designed to captivate and enthrall. Choose relaxing activities to find inner peace or keep your blood pumping every step of the way. Visit the city your way and you’ll find there’s a side of Spokane to accommodate you with plenty of things to do from check-in to check-out.

Get Outdoors

The natural beauty of Spokane will be the first thing to greet you upon your arrival, so why not dive right in? Riverfront Park presents an accessible point to the breathtaking falls of the Spokane River, but this isn’t only the gateway to Spokane’s outdoor recreation. Make the most of the many waterways in the region by engaging in your pick of white water rafting, kayaking, fishing, or swimming. Leisurely stroll on paths and trails as a starting point to strike out on your own for a hike, rock climbing session, or cycling excursion. Come wintertime, you might choose to ski, snowboard, or explore the snowy wonderland on snowshoes.

Take In Culture

You can also get outdoors to experience the variety of sports activities in Spokane. From first-class golf and college sports to hockey and professional race car driving, spectators will not be disappointed. Spectators of a different sort will delight in the city’s arts and culture presence. Theaters big and small present Broadway musicals and local productions. Galleries and museums showcase creations and artifacts from the region, nation, and all over the globe.

Take in Spokane’s history at museums dedicated to preserving the past or take a self-guided tour of historic buildings serving as time capsule of yesteryear. Speaking of tours, you’ll find a different tour for nearly every interest. Book a zip-line tour through the forest, a helicopter tour for a bird’s eye view of the city, and of course, tours of wineries and breweries abound.

Live It Up

You won’t want to miss the many shopping opportunities from retailers large and small, national and local. Go antiquing or hit the farmers markets for a unique souvenir, or shop till you drop at malls and shopping centers. Afterward, you can unwind at a spa and rejuvenate for another day of activity.

Don’t miss out on the city’s nightlife. Spokane has a wide assortment of thriving bars and clubs where you can while away the late-night hours to soak up every minute of your trip. Opt for a casino and you’ll find nightlife, gambling, spas, and entertainment all under one roof.

Choose something fit for a large group or tailored to yourself and maybe a partner. Go the free route by making the most of nature or invest a little cash on unforgettable experiences. There’s plenty to do for families too. Check out our attraction deals and special offers to begin exploring all the fun things to do in Spokane.

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