You spend your entire day learning and collaborating during events, it can be overwhelming in the best way. But when the sessions are over and the stream of new information has come to an end you want to relax and unwind, share a meal with colleagues, or maybe search for a must-have treasure in our local shops, or even get outside and stretch your legs after a long day inside. In Spokane, all of that is just minutes and steps from not only the door of your hotel room but also the doors of the Spokane Convention Center itself.

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We pride ourselves on offering places to stay that have as much personality as the city itself. Whether you’re here for a convention or an event, you’ll find great price points and the right style in our wide variety of regional hotels.

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Here’s the thing about Spokane. It has everything you expect a city in the Northwest to have.
Killer restaurants and venues. A diverse nightlife. Breathtaking nature. Imagine all of that
packed into a pre-war downtown where everything is within walking distance of your hotel.

Spokane has been a western boomtown, a vital railroad hub, the cultural center of a
fascinating region, and the smallest city to ever host a world’s fair. Each phase of our growth
left rich layers of history, culture, and pride. Today’s Spokanites have used those as the foundation
for what’s next: a place where warmth, pride, and kindness collide with ambition, creativity, and
community. You’ll come to Spokane and it will feel familiar, but you’ll leave having discovered
things you never expected to find, because we’re not quite like anywhere else.

Q4 Offer Incentives

$5,000 Signing Bonus

Spokane is a just-right size mid-tier city for your next meeting! The signing bonus and complimentary Convention Center Rental are valid for groups of 800 rooms or more on peak night and those that sign by December 31, 2021. Click here to get in touch with us!

"The charm of this city, the riverfront, what Visit Spokane has done to accommodate PCA, it really has been an amazing experience.” VU NGUYEN, EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR, PORSCHE CLUB OF AMERICA
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Within walking distance of your convention hotel, there are dozens of bold and daring restaurants with inspired chefs waiting to welcome you with a relaxing meal. Sip local wine or cheers a pint of Spokane Style craft beer while you discuss the latest innovations and best practices in your field with co-workers and new colleagues. When you meet in Spokane you don’t have to search to find the post-conference snack you’ve been craving since lunch, and you don’t have to wade through traffic to get there, it’s there right outside the doors.