Spokane Shopping

Dive into a shopping extravaganza with time well spent discovering the diverse retail gems of Spokane. Whether you wish to purchase enough to fill an empty suitcase or an empty house, you can truly shop for any and everything.

Since the city is sprinkled with shopping areas, it’s easy to pick a destination to explore on foot or drive the main streets to cherry pick locales that speak to your wants and needs. It’s entirely possible to traverse the whole Spokane region searching out shopping opportunities alone.

Start your day of retail therapy downtown, where the old meets the new. Here, you can retrace the past at shopping centers housed in historic settings, or visit River Park Square filled with both local boutiques and national retailers like Nordstrom, which happily coexists alongside preserved sites.

The wide range of downtown shopping includes the chance to enjoy a taste of the city at any of the numerous farmers’ markets, like the Spokane Farmers Market. This seasonal, farmer-run, produce pop-up presents an array of fresh goods which hone the power of local to provide a deliciously edible snapshot of Spokane. Grab a fresh bite to eat and a treat to take home, before continuing on to the many more shops awaiting you.

Next, check out any of the dozens of specialty retailers dedicated to niche offerings, including 4000 Holes. This independent record store has been a purveyor of vinyl records since 1989 and takes a special interest in Beatles memorabilia. Pop inside to pick up new and used music in all formats and genres. You may even overhear tracks you’ll add to your next playlist, or perhaps get tickets to an upcoming local music show.
When venturing out of the city center, the Spokane Valley Mall has national brands like H&M, Forever 21, Hot Topic, PacSun, and Buckle.  You will also find department stores including Macy’s, JCPenney, Sears, and Nordstrom Rack.  For many of these popular stores, the Spokane Valley Mall is the only location for hundreds of miles!

To truly shop like a local, try out the Kendall Yard Night Market, a weekly shopping event every Wednesday evening from mid-May to early-October. The Night Market features great local farm-fresh foods including fruits, vegetables, grass-fed beef, cheese, eggs, and honey. You’ll also find artisanal baked goods, small batch jams and pickles, as well as great handmade arts and crafts. Bring a blanket and purchase food from the street food vendors, relaxing during the long daylight hours of the summer and early fall. 

Shopping in Spokane strikes a fine balance between the robust presence of independent, locally owned businesses and the large retailers no major city would be complete without. The many stores range from budget friendly to splurge worthy, ensuring there’s something for everyone.

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