About the Spokane Region

Spokane is a place where city life mingles brilliantly with nature. Amid the charm and bustle of urban downtown Spokane, you’ll find the Spokane River gorge and the inspiring Spokane Falls. Inspired restaurateurs, winemakers, and craft brewers create delicious adventures. The arts district entertains while boutiques fill out the carefully preserved historic buildings.

Greater Spokane is an ambitious community filled with civic-minded people willing to roll up their sleeves and create a better place to live and visit. Spokane is a continuous experiment in metropolitan civility and a gathering place where the pace, accessibility, and hospitality mingle into a wonderful city experience.

Spokane’s versatile position makes it natural to grab breakfast at a converted railroad car in the heart of downtown. Minutes later, gear up to scale narrow basalt canyons, break trail at any area ski resort or golf.

It’s your time, make the most of it in Spokane.

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