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Artists Katie Creyts, Dan McCann and Austin Stiegemeier

Saranac Art Projects present the new work of cooperative member artists Katie Creyts and Dan McCann with guest artist Austin Stiegemeier. Though the artists come together with independently created work, an astute viewer may find connections throughout the exhibition. Look for shared artistic concerns on capitalism in the exquisitely re-purposed currency used in the “trading card” collages of McCann, Stiegemeier’s drawings of Dolce and Gabbana ads that question both cultural and individual legitimacy which Stiegemeier describes as “exquisitely flawless, privileged individuals laughing casually at their exotic seaside villas”, and Creyts’s intimate graphite elaboration of the ever-polluting paper mill that implicates the very industry on which the work was created. The work is inviting, complicated, and charged. Katie Creyts, an associate professor at Whitworth University. Her work is inspired by and developed from the variations between expectations and the actual, lived experience. Dan McCann has been working and exhibiting in the fine arts field for 25+ years, stained glass in the 70’s fused glass, and arts and craft shows in the 80’s and 90’s. In the late 90’s he started to add objects to his glass work this is why he uses found objects for his art today. He has been doing collages from a young age and would trace images then rub them on to other images and color them in. Austin Stiegemeier is a lecturer at Gonzaga University. He holds an MFA from WSU. The focus of his work is people and their relationship to the modern environment.

The exhibition opens on November 4th with a free artist reception from 5-8 pm.

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