Trip Ideas

A visit to Spokane can be as diverse as the city itself. Savor the flavor of Spokane by defining a natural path to guide your way.

Embrace Our History

Indulge your inner history buff. Grab a Heritage Walk brochure at our Visitor Center and dive into Spokane’s spirited commitment to keep in touch with our rich history. Gaze to the rooftops of structures that were part of the grand rebirth of Spokane when fire destroyed the young burgeoning city in 1898. The Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture puts you in the footsteps of the visionaries who laid the cornerstones of our community. Get hands-on with the giants of the railroad industry at the Inland Northwest Railroad Museum, or buzz by Felts Field for the Honor Point Military and Aerospace Museum. Arbor Crest Winery will get you in tune with the eccentric mind of the clifftop mansion’s original creator, and inventor of the square wheel. Spokane Valley Heritage Museum is brimming with stories of our original settlers and the region's transformation through time.

Experience Local Brews

Get a little tipsy on the Spokane Ale Trail. Some of the largest hop-growing areas in the nation are just a stone’s throw from the city. Spokane has taken advantage of the freshness of local ingredients to create that signature Spokane Style. Small tasting rooms welcome you to meet the minds behind the beer and see the creative process, from hop to Hefe. Sip a Jam Session IPA at 12 String Brewing, or head over to English Setter Brewing for a Who’s a Good Boy Amber.

Picnic in the Park

Grab a picnic and spend the day in one of our stellar parks. Riverfront Park is a natural and gracious gathering place for families and the downtown culture. Its easy access to the Spokane River and open spaces come alive with festivals and celebrated community events. Liberty Lake’s Pavilion Park is buzzing with activity during the summer months. Movies, theatre, and music fill the park on most warm evenings, and the farmers’ market is a weekly chance to say hello to neighbors. Enchanting Manito Park has a new cultural experience with every turn. Relax with the graceful koi in the Japanese Garden, marvel at the pathways of abundant flowers and grand stone fountains in the Duncan Gardens, and soak in the aroma of the Rose Garden.

Vacation like you want to. Choose your own adventure in Spokane. A good place to start is at our Visitor Information Center.

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