Visit Spokane is the official destination marketing organization for Spokane County and its jurisdictions. As the primary programmatic arm for travel and tourism promotion for the region, Visit Spokane leads Spokane’s tourism industry to work together to generate visitor spending by developing and implementing comprehensive destination marketing and sales programs. Visit Spokane is a self-governing, private not-for-profit corporation with a Board of Directors, some of whom are elected by dues paying members and some who are appointed by funding partners.

With funding from dedicated lodging taxes, the Tourism Promotion Area (TPA) and private dues and advertising investments, Visit Spokane has a current operating budget of $4.6 million.

2020 Marketing Plan

The long-range plan for Visit Spokane is a five-year look at where we plan our destination to be within that time frame. A detailed one-year marketing plan for 2020 is also included in this document.

This five-year strategic plan outlines our long-range destination goals and major initiatives through 2022. The strategic plan was revised after we employed industry consultants to review our finance, marketing, and group sales departments.  The recommendations of the consultants and our plan for implementing the changes can be found on pages 12-19 of this document. Included in the recommendations was increasing the current $2.00 max limit on the state legislature Tourism Promotion Area (TPA). This will allow our region to increase our marketing efforts in the current competitive environment. This will be a major focus for the organization in the coming year.

The one-year marketing plan for 2020 explains, in greater detail, the strategies and tactics we will use to increase both leisure and group travel over the coming year. The marketing plan is designed to be flexible so that we can react to changes in the fast-paced, ever-changing worldwide tourism marketplace.

This Plan will be available to our tourism partners for downloading below. We will also print a limited number of copies for our Board of Directors.  We encourage our hotels, attractions, shopping venues, restaurants, and other tourism-related businesses to use our brand elements in their marketing efforts, and to use segments of our plan for their own marketing plans, helping us extend the reach of the Creative by Nature regional brand. 


2018 Annual Report

It is our pleasure to report 2018 was a solid year for travel to the Spokane region. Visit Spokane’s promotional efforts successfully inspired individuals and groups to visit, discover, enjoy, learn, and fall in love with our community. Visitor spending in 2018 was up 9% from 2017, and total spending on travel in Spokane was $1.3 Billion. Hotel occupancy and revenue per-room-sold grew in 2018. These travel indicators are good news for regional prosperity, and we appreciate the warmth and genuine welcome visitors receive while visiting. To view the complete Visit Spokane 2018 Annual Report click here.

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