About Visit Spokane

A non-profit organization, Visit Spokane is committed to and passionate about marketing the Spokane region for conventions, meetings and leisure travel. As the official Destination Marketing Organization for Spokane and Spokane County, Visit Spokane employs a staff made up of marketing professionals and sales experts whose goal is to make our community better through the power of tourism.

Who We Are

Meet the Cast of We Are Spokane

Spokane is a beautiful place, but it's the people that create the culture and the feel of a destination. Click the links to learn more about some of the people that make Spokane special.

0:00:07 | Harpman Hatter | Downtown activist, a busker, and chalk artist | https://www.inlander.com/spoka...

0:00:09 | Licensed from Spokane Public Television: Reflections By The River: EXPO '74 |

0:00:11 | Department of Transportation video of I-90 being built in Spokane | https://spokanehistorical.org/...

0:00:12 | Reinaldo Gil-Zambrano | A native of Caracas and a resident of Spokane, cofounder of Spokane Print & Publishing Center | http://www.reinaldogilzambrano...

0:00:13 | Thom Carraway. Professor at Whitworth, former Spokane Poet Laureate, co-founder of Spokane Print & Publishing Center | http://www.thomcaraway.com/

0:00:16 | Daniel Lopez | Prolific Muralist | https://www.inlander.com/spoka...

0:00:19 | Vanna Oh at Lucky You | https://www.vannaoh.com/

0:00:30 | Donell | Spokanite nutritionist, writer, and dancer | http://www.donellbarlow.com/ab...

0:00:40 | Pippo Allen | Bartender at Blind Buck (local LGBT hangout)

0:00:44 | Mark Anderson | Former Poet Laureate of Spokane. | https://www.spokanepublicradio...

0:00:47 | Dance troupe from various local tribes. Shot at Pavilion grand reopening

0:00:49 | Nick Lewis & Sara Torres | Founder of Kingsley & Scout menswear store | http://kingsleyandscout.com/

0:00:54 | Volunteers sorting food at Second Harvest | https://2-harvest.org/

0:00:56 | Sebastian Lopez | Founder of Space Program Board Co.

0:00:57 | Bloomsday | https://www.bloomsdayrun.org/

0:00:58 | LaRae Wiley | Founder of the Salish School |

0:01:04 | Hoopfest | Largest 3-on-3 Tournament in the world | https://www.spokanehoopfest.ne...

0:01:07 | Jack Brooke | Celebrates with his parents at a Spokane Chiefs game

0:01:09 | Allen Stone | Chewelah-born and raised soul singer. A resident of Spokane | https://www.allenstone.com/

0:01:11 | Michael P Anderson | Cheney-born and raised Astronaut | Courtesy NASA

0:01:13 | Jango | Local Rapper | Born and raised in Spokane Valley. Resident of Spokane

What we do

We tell the world about Spokane.

Through concerted Marketing, Public Relations, and Sales efforts, Visit Spokane brings conventions, meetings, and leisure travelers to Spokane County who fill up hotels, the Convention Center, and other venues across the region. The employment opportunities and revenue generated benefit every person who lives here.

We roll out the red carpet.

Visit Spokane Destination and Visitor Services staff work with tourists and meeting attendees to answer questions and customize experiences. Whether you are planning a site-visit or stopping by the Visitor Center on your family vacation, we'll help make your trip to Spokane memorable.

We support our region and promote our partners.

There are many ways to partner with Visit Spokane and our Business Development staff helps local hospitality businesses design programs that leverage our investment in SEO and referrals from our sales and services teams.

How we are funded

Visit Spokane is funded from both private (membership, advertising, and sponsorship) and public sources which include lodging taxes and tourism promotion assessments on hotel stays. In 2019, tourists spent more than $2.1 billion in Spokane County, which directly supports more than 18,149 jobs.

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