About Visit Spokane

A non-profit organization, Visit Spokane expands regional prosperity and creates economic growth for Spokane by successfully marketing the region as a preferred destination for conventions and leisure travelers from around the world.

Who We Are

Visit Spokane is the official Destination Organization for the Spokane region and employs a staff of marketing professionals and sales experts whose goal is to enhance our community through the power of tourism.

We are a 501(c)(6) nonprofit organization with more than 20 local and remote team members, as well as a volunteer board of directors made up of leaders in the Spokane hospitality and tourism industry.

Our team of professionals promotes Spokane as a premier destination for meetings, conventions, and leisure travel through print and digital campaigns, advertisements, social media, a diverse array of marketing and sales strategies, and community involvement. We use our collective skills to promote our region and enhance the quality of life for our residents.

What we do

We tell the world about Spokane.

Through concerted Marketing, Public Relations, and Sales efforts, Visit Spokane brings conventions, meetings, and leisure travelers to Spokane County who fill up hotels, the Convention Center, and other venues across the region. The employment opportunities and revenue generated benefit every person who lives here.

We roll out the red carpet.

Visit Spokane Convention Service and Destination Experience team members work with tourists and meeting attendees to answer questions and customize experiences. Whether you are planning a site visit or stopping by the Visitor Center in Riverfront Park on your family vacation, we'll help make your trip to Spokane memorable.

We support our region and promote our partners.

There are many ways to partner with Visit Spokane! Our Partnership & Engagement team is here to connect local hospitality and relocation businesses to the benefits that make the most sense for boosting their business.

How We're Funded

Visit Spokane is funded from a combination of public resources such as lodging taxes and tourism promotion assessments on hotel stays; and private sources including annual membership of local businesses, advertising opportunities, and sponsorships.

Clean and Safe Statement

Visit Spokane is committed to creating and supporting solutions that make the region a welcoming, secure, and attractive place to visit and live.

As the destination marketing organization for the Spokane region, Visit Spokane markets to travelers from outside the area and brings conventions, meetings, and leisure visitors to Spokane County. Those travelers fill hotels and the Spokane Convention Center. Visitors dine in our restaurants, stroll through our parks, attend events and performances, and spend money in our local businesses. To continue to successfully market the region and generate economic impact and thousands of jobs, it is vital that Spokane remain a safe and clean city. We know safety is a critical factor for visitors planning a vacation.

Visit Spokane supports all efforts to make the Spokane region a safe, clean, and vibrant destination.

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