Winter Events

With fresh snow and glowing lights, Spokane is the place that makes winter a little warmer. While some may be tempted to go into hibernation during the colder months, Spokane invites you to get out and enjoy the winter. From seasonal events to outdoor adventures, there’s no excuse to lay low when the weather cools down.

The cold-weather fun doesn’t end with the holidays. With five local ski resorts within 45-minutes to two hours of downtown, you can hit the slopes, snowshoe on the trails, or just go sledding and still make it back to the city to enjoy a great night on the town. Lace-up your skates at the Ice Ribbon in Riverfront Park, or take in a horse-drawn carriage ride through downtown. There’s something to warm up the winter no matter what your interests.

Spokane invites you to wake up this season and explore our warm and welcoming city even when the temperatures may not be.

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