Groups, Reunions and Weddings

Are you just starting to plan your wedding, family reunion or friend gathering?  You've probably pictured the perfect day in full detail.  Now the only challenge is making it happen.

Don't worry. Spokane has so many great choices for everything a bride, a family or a group of friends might need, it will be easy to create the perfect get together.

Here are just a few things worth discovering in Spokane:

  • Unique venues - from historic estates to ultramodern event spaces, plus churches, hotels and more!
  • Gorgeous parks and outdoor spaces - the perfect backdrop to capture your memories in pictures.
  • Incredible caterers - innovative chefs plus locally sourced ingredients equal a delicious outcome.
  • Phenomenal florists - from fresh cut to hand created paper bouquets and arrangements, the possibilities are limitless!
  • World-class wineries - there's no better way to toast your special day than with a glass of one of Spokane's award winning wines.

For help planning your upcoming event in Spokane, contact our group specialists at 509.363.6831 or email.

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