Outdoor Recreation

When you’re in Spokane, expect to be outside in Spokane. For a region which has flourished around a vibrant river gorge, you’ll find a culture rooted in the outdoors. Accommodating weather and perfect geography align to make even the most notorious couch-potatoes wander outside to catch a sunset or take a ride through town on a bike. 


From swimming and fishing to taking a cruise across a lake or down a river, the waterways here are your invitation to unlimited adventure. Marvel at the waterfalls in and around town or finally learn how to fly fish from one of the many local shops. Join others in a raft while pummeling the whitewater rapids or take control of your own aquatic destiny in a kayak. You’ll also want to spend time on the shores of a shimmering lake, listening to the lapping of waves and appreciating the variety of colorful vegetation.

Adrenaline Junkies

Undoubtedly, this sounds too slow-paced for some, but the adrenaline junkies will find no better place for thrills than skydiving over Spokane, or aerotrekking across the skies. Opt to connect to a cable and feel the wind whip past you as you zipline through the trees. For those feeling a bit more grounded, rock-climbers delight in the gritty challenges of the scalable basalt walls both in and around town: harness in, chalk up and get climbing.

Cycling & Hiking Trails

As a cycling-friendly community, Spokane boasts miles of challenging roadways to ascend and coast. Or leave the pavement, grab a mountain bike, and explore almost endless combinations of wooded and rocky trails in the area. The most difficult challenge is trying not to stop at every breathtaking vista—save those for when you come back to the trails in your hiking boots. Yes, Spokane offers hiking opportunities that are some of the best in the West. Put in some early miles and enjoy the wildlife you’ll invariably see along the way.

Golf Talk

With a variety of well-groomed golf courses, you should be able to find a tee time for just about any schedule. We have both private and public courses, which are both highly rated. Combine that with a longer golf season than many other places, and you have an ideal golfing destination.

Of course, you could always leave the clubs and cleats behind and grab a disc! Disc golf is another favored sport in the region with a variety of challenging courses in the valley.

Snow Sports

If you find yourself in the area during the winter months, you’ll have the chance to strap on some skis or a snowboard and tear down the slopes. Rent a pair of snowshoes and wander through a winter wonderland or shrug off the snow and hang out in the warmth of a place like Silver Mountain Lodge two hours away Idaho. If you’re headed to Mt. Spokane, you can get from Downtown Spokane to the ski lift in one hour. You can fit in so much fun during a ski trip to Spokane!

No matter the season, and no matter the reason, get yourself outdoors in Spokane to enjoy the natural beauty of it all. 

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