Welcome to Spokane, Washington. Our thriving urban scene embraces our creative culture and our outdoor opportunities abound. Our downtown is walkable, bikable, scooterable (if that's a word). Our local flavors bring visitors back for more. Come see all that we have to offer.

Spokane is the second-largest city in Washington and the hub of the Inland Northwest. From its historic origins as home to Native American tribes, Spokane has grown into the busy city and beautiful scenery that it is today. Spokane offers all the attractions and outdoor activities that anyone could desire.

If you are searching for a unique travel experience worth writing about, we offer a myriad of options:

Sip sumptuous wine at our award-winning wineries.

Raft whitewater on the Spokane River five minutes from downtown.

Pick fresh fruit and vegetables from our 28 farms at Green Bluff.

Golf one of 33 courses in a 50-mile radius.

Play in our 76 lakes or at one of five unique ski resorts.

See our magnificent museums and art galleries.

Eat in our destination restaurants.

Experience our live theaters, fabulous symphony and Broadway musicals.

Stay in the next best place to home.


Shift from what, where, and when to include who, how, and why. It’s an ongoing process, a subtle shift in thinking and speaking. How do you move from listing assets to telling the story behind those assets to entice visitors and business travelers?

Welcome to Spokane’s Brand Center storyboards. We created this to give you an idea of what the communications strategy includes. It’s a road map of sorts aimed at giving you an idea of how we’ll be incorporating the new brand voice in our promotion of events and people from around greater Spokane.

We've broken our stories down into four categories -- Placemakers, Tastemakers, New Urbanism and Time Economy. Below you'll find links to stories and photos from each category that you can download and use either as content or inspiration.

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