Kendall Yards

Kendall Yards is the proof community and sustainability go hand-in-hand. It’s one of Spokane’s youngest districts, built on the north bank of the Spokane River. The name pays homage to the site’s railroad history. Walkability, sustainability, livability, artability (yes, we know it’s not a word) give this neighborhood personality. It’s a mixed-use area filled with private homes, condos, apartments, businesses, community gardens, and public art. It’s a short walk from the downtown core.

The Bruncheonette

Maryhill Winery

Best Places to Eat and Drink

Depending on your mood, there’s plenty to choose from when it comes to satisfying your hunger. For breakfast enthusiasts, you’ll want to try Yards Bruncheon. Up the street from Yards Bruncheon is another breakfast spot, The Bruncheonette. Try the tamale waffles, and you’ll never look at waffles the same again. For lunch, grab a sandwich at 3 Ninjas Curbside Catering, a slice at Versalia Pizza or a sushi roll at Umi Kitchen & Sushi. The Heart Attack Roll is to die for. Dinnertime calls for Park Lodge or, perhaps, Baba, which is a Middle Eastern-inspired menu. For a simple drink, stop in at Craftsman Cellar Tasting Room, a local winery. Nectar Wine & Beer or the award-winning winery, Maryhill. At either spot, incredible south-facing views of the river and the city are your rewards. For dessert, grab a vegan ice cream cone at The Scoop and take a stroll down the Centennial Trail to see the Spokane Falls.

Marmot Art Space

Kendall Yards Night Market

Things to Do in Kendall Yards

If one of the central neighborhood tenets is art, you better believe there will be art galleries. Wander through Marmot Art Space. The gallery is so fantastic; it’s caught the eye of USA Today. If you have children, then make sure you pop into Spark Central, a place where innovation and creativity are encouraged. Spring through summer, the neighborhood hosts Kendall Yards Night Market, a massive farmers market complete with food trucks and music. If shopping is what you seek, there’s something for everyone. A toy shop, French Toast, caters to children, Boutique Bleu to women, Fleet Feet to the sports enthusiast, and Prairie Dog Mercantile to pets. Mom’s Custom Tattoo & Piercing is for the visitor looking for something more permanent.