Karen Mobley
Program Contractor, Spokane Arts Helper

(509) 499-0784



Deadline July 31, 2015



Spokane, WA  - Spokane Arts announced the request for proposals for various railroad underpass locations today.    Artists and artist teams from Spokane area are invited to apply.   Project budgets vary with site and artists will be paid.   All submissions will go through www.callforentry.org.  


Spokane Arts seeks to provide the area's visual artists with an opportunity to develop mural projects that will encourage progressive attitudes toward visual communication in public spaces, fostering a sense of ownership and community interactivity in the railroad underpasses.


The successful proposal will:

  • Acts as a catalyst for discussion or action toward a renewed level of interactivity and community involvement in the downtown corridor
  • Beautify the underpasses and/or retaining walls
  • Create a sense of community ownership/stewardship about the space


Two themes have been created for this set of projects - Spokane Legends and Spokane Landmarks.    While both themes could be taken literally, the words are a jumping off point.  We encourage you to look beyond the usual suspects for characters, stories, and places that tell Spokane's important and curious stories and that will work well in a pictorial or visual context.  Both sites are within the Davenport District or arts areas of downtown.  The theme of "Legends" should be explored for proposals at the Post Street location and "Landmarks" considered for the Railroad Alley location.


Painting on Site:  The execution of each mural project is to begin in September 2015 and be completed by October 31st, 2015. 


Spokane Arts mural program has been in operation since 1991, with the support of downtown business partnerships. The original intent was to lighten up the dark pedestrian walkways. Past murals have been executed by a selected professional artist and teams of youth employees of volunteers. "The People's Gallery," a community participation murals project, is a program created in 1992, from the stated need.  We have done more than 30 murals over the past 20 years.