10 Amazing Bookstores in Spokane

Are you in Spokane, Washington (or near the area), and want an easy escape from the everyday hustle and bustle? Are you a big fan of reading books? Are you looking for a bookstore that best fits your bookish needs? If you said “yes” to any of these questions, then you’re in luck! Spokane bookstores are unique, with each store offering something different than the last. Here are our favorite 10 bookstores in the Spokane region!

Today, we put together a list of ten bookstores to check out, whether you live in Spokane or just visiting.

Auntie’s Bookstore

“Auntie's Books is one of the central places to go to in downtown Spokane,” says Allison Holderman, a writer at Academized and Simplegrad. “Considered a valuable institution to locals, Auntie’s earns its reputation with its unique selection of new and used books. And at Auntie’s, no one is a stranger, with exceptional customer service, and unique shopping experience for everyone, ultimately standing the test of time as other independent stores come and go.”

Auntie’s Airport Bookstore

A companion shop to Auntie’s Books, this bookstore is located in Spokane’s airport. Customers can enjoy a good read and a delicious latte in the coffee shop area of the store while waiting for their flight. It’s also a good thing when you want to pick up a bestseller to read during your flight.

Giant Nerd Books

Now, this place is not ashamed of the word “nerd”! Giant Nerd Books is one of the best bookstores in town, with a wide (and well-organized) selection of books ranging in a variety of topics. From old classics to rare finds, to modern-day hits, it’s easy to get lost in the excitement of finding a good read!

Atticus Coffee & Gifts

Atticus has a great collection of books to choose from, as well as an awesome café to enjoy coffee, lattes, Italian soda, etc. Not to mention, you can customize your drinks with all kinds of milk, syrups, etc., and have them with a side of dessert, while studying or reading – almost as good as Barnes and Noble.

2nd Look Books

A bookstore with two stories (making it somewhat an equivalent to a regular library), 2nd Look Books is one that cares about the genre, making books easy to find. And, with reasonable prices, you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank to get your hands on the perfect book.

Barnes And Noble

Considered the most popular bookstore franchise in the United States, Barnes and Noble doesn't fail to impress Spokane locals and visitors. With a quiet library-like setting and a café where you can either read or study in peace, Barnes and Noble has your reading comforts, along with a vast collection of books, movies, CDs, records, etc. And, this bookstore offers memberships that let you save on books and other merch.

Gusdorf’s Books

Gusdorf’s offers great books with reasonable pricing and excellent customer service. Although it can be a jungle at times with books everywhere you look, it can be a great experience for book lovers to spend the day finding the right book.

Whiz Kids

At Whiz Kids, there is a huge selection of not only books but also toys. Although this place caters more to children, it’s still a clean and inviting atmosphere for families to enjoy. And, the best part is that this place is located in the mall, making the experience fun for the entire family.

Comic Book Shop

“If you love comic books and pop culture, then the Comic Book Shop is your go-to place for them,” says Lauren Jennings, a journalist at Ukservicesreviews and Assignment Help. “Not only does this store sell comic books, and other kinds of pop culture books, but they also sell merch like apparel, coffee mugs, board games, etc. With novelties here and there, you can’t go wrong with Comic Book Shop.”

Mt Saint Michael

Mt Saint Michael is a unique Christian-based bookstore that carries books and articles. It’s considered the go-to store for the religious (Roman Catholic) and is very observant of religious holidays and Sundays. So, if you’re in need of a Bible or a simple book of devotionals, then this is definitely a good place to check out.

So, there you have it! The ten best bookstores to check out in Spokane if you love to read! We hope you’ve enjoyed this list, and we hope that these bookstores (one or all of them) will bring you joy in reading for many years to come!

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