Best Casual Dining in Spokane

Spokane restaurants are recognized as some of the best in the Pacific Northwest, with hundreds of options to choose from anytime you dine out. If you're in the mood for quick, casual and delicious dining options, then the available choices can seem overwhelming. Luckily, the Inlander put together the best casual restaurants in Spokane, so you can try the best food in every catagory!

Best Mexican Food in Spokane

1st Place: DE LEON’S TACO & BAR

We all know that “Mexican food” changes depending on what part of Mexico you’re in, but at the Inland Northwest’s Mexican restaurants, we tend to think of tacos, burritos, enchiladas and the like. And De Leon’s delivers the goods on a massive menu that includes all the standards one expects, plus specialties like the weekend-only menudo and posole bowls. (Inlander)

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2nd PLACE: Rancho Chico

If you are looking for authentic Mexican food in Spokane, then the quaint Rancho Chico simply can't be beaten. While it may look unassuming from the outside, the homey vibes and delicious made-to-order food make the dining experience unforgettable. The staff here are always superb in their service and every stop in feels like you are visiting old friends. (Visit Spokane)

3rd PLACE: Rancho Viejo

Established in 1992, Rancho Viejo has been dubbed one of the best Mexican restaurants in Spokane, WA since its inception. As a family-owned and operated business, not only can you expect great service, but authentic Mexican food that locals voted as the third best in all of Spokane. With an abundance of flavorful and creative options on their menu, including classic favorites and inspired new dishes, there is truly something for everyone about this delicious Mexican eatery. (Visit Spokane)

Best Indian Food in Spokane
Pictured: Mango Tree

Best Indian Food in Spokane


If you’re going to name your Indian restaurant “The Mango Tree,” you better be able to back up your swagger with some absolutely incredible mango curry. And yet, for all that hype, Mango Tree actually pulls it off. Sweet and spicy, with deep and tangy notes, the mango curry is worth the trip. The chance to grab some garlic naan is just a bonus. (Inlander)

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2nd PLACE: Taste of India

As per the name, you know exactly what you’re getting when dining in at Taste of India. This family-owned and operated business is Spokane's longest-standing Indian restaurant, and in that time has become a staple in the community. Taste of India boasts authority, tradition, and authenticity when it comes to serving its guests delicious and desirable Indian cuisine. From its homemade naan to its traditional chickpea chana curry, your palate will most certainly be satisfied after sampling any of this restaurant's amazing dishes. (Visit Spokane)

3rd PLACE: Top of India

Samosas, mango lassi, chicken tikka’s, and butter chicken are only scratching the surface of what can be sampled at Top of India, one of Spokane's best Indian restaurants! If you love good Indian take-out, it’s become a ‘top’ choice for many who prefer to indulge in the comfort of their own homes. Or, if dining-in is more your style, the relaxed ambiance and friendly atmosphere here make every visit to Top of India feel like you're visiting old friends! (Visit Spokane)

Best Middle Eastern Food in Spokane
Pictured: Baba

Best Middle-Eastern Food in Spokane

1st Place: BABA

Debuting a year ago inside chef Adam Hegsted’s former Wandering Table spot in Kendall Yards, Baba has become a go-to for its creative take on Middle Eastern dishes and ingredients. Like Hegsted’s other eateries, Baba fuses comfort food with the unexpected. Take the Turkish mac and cheese, for example, made with a labneh-based (yogurt) cheese sauce. There’s plenty of traditional dishes, too: hummus, falafel, shakshuka, tabouli and more! (Inlander)

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2nd PLACE: Feast World Kitchen

Feast World Kitchen is unique from most restaurants, Middle-Eastern or otherwise, in that it’s a non-profit that seeks to help Spokane’s immigrants and refugees. So, while it’s delicious Middle-Eastern food cooked fresh for all local Spokanites, they do much much more than what’s in the kitchen to serve the community. This creative restaurant features a group of head chefs who switch off control of the kitchen and menu, which means every visit to this delicious Middle-Eastern spot will be a totally different dining experience! (Visit Spokane)

3rd PLACE: Zullee Mediterranean Grill

Formerly known as Kabob House & Mediterranean Grill, Zullee Mediterranean Grill isn’t your ordinary Middle-Eastern restaurant. Instead, it provides guests with a bright and modern interior design that creates a high-end atmosphere and dining experience. Apart from the interior decor, Zullee’s features a classic Mediterranean menu, with delectable small bites like their unbeatable falafel or dolmehs. With big portions and fair prices, it's easy to see why Zullee has become one of the best spots for Mediterranean food in Spokane. (Visit Spokane)

Best Hot WIngs in Spokane
Pictured: Flamin' Joe's

Best Hot Wings in Spokane

1st Place: FLAMIN' JOE'S

Virtually every bar on the planet thinks they can deliver great wings, but if that were the case, we wouldn’t need places that put their culinary focus completely on the delectable tiny treats. Flamin’ Joe’s will make you forget the shriveled, dried-up wings at your local dive thanks to their exploration of all the flavors wings have to offer. They have no less than 20 different sauce flavors (including eight levels of buffalo-sauce heat), and nine more dry rubs, and you can order traditional wings, boneless wings or jumbo drumsticks. The wing nut in your life can spend weeks exploring the options. (Inlander)

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2nd PLACE: Market Street Pizza

Ready to grab a bite of the best high-end pub food in Spokane? From hot wings and pizzas to pies and the kitchen sink, Market Street Pizza is sure to satisfy any craving you are possessed by. What's more, you can pair any delectable dish with some refreshing locally-brewed Spokane craft beer! Market Street was voted not only one of the top three pizza joints in Spokane, but also one of the best wing spots as well. If that isn't a testament to just how good the food is here, then we don't know what is. (Visit Spokane)

3rd PLACE: The Viking NORTH

At first glance, you might get the impression that The Viking is largely a craft beer and cocktail bar. While they certainly deliver an incredible line of brews and beverages, they’re also known to serve some of the best hot wings in all of Spokane, WA. Open seven days a week until midnight, there’s no excuse to not try these unbeatable hot wings! (Visit Spokane)

Best Sandwich's in Spokane


Some judge a sandwich by its bread, others by its various vegetables or condiments. “We want the meats!” say the collective voters of our Best of the Inland Northwest poll. On that front, Domini delivers. The downtown Spokane staple is old-school in all the best ways, offering a gargantuan sando for your hard-earned dollar, stacking up the meats and cheese and a hint of secondary ingredients to make our readers’ favorite sandwiches. If you dare order a “whole” sandwich, give yourself a few days. (Inlander)

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2nd PLACE: Shamus’s Sandwich Shoppe

Locally-owned and operated, Shamus’s Sandwich Shoppe prides itself on delivering the very best handcrafted sandwiches that Spokane has to offer. However, saying that Shamus' is just a standard sandwich shop would be quite an understatement. Using premium deli meats, freshly sliced cheese, and in-house homemade bread made fresh, you can be assured every sandwich made here will be better than the last. If you're in the mood for more than sandwiches, don't miss out on their famed clam chowder! (Visit Spokane)

3rd PLACE: The High Nooner

Making its name for itself in Spokane sandwiches 1992, The High Nooner is undeniably one of the best spots in Spokane; and not just because of its delicious sandwiches. In fact, their freshly made sandwiches aren’t all they’re known for. With award-winning desserts and salads to pair with every meal, The High Nooner is the perfect afternoon lunch joint. (Visit Spokane)

Best Pho in SPokane
Pictured: Pho Van

Best Pho in Spokane

1st Place: PHO VAN

Is there anything better than a steaming hot bowl of pho when you’re in the middle of a nasty winter cold stretch? (Answer: There is not). Big bowls of flavorful broth, filling noodles and oh-so-fresh herbs, sprouts and jalapeños make pho a belly-warming wonder, and no one does it better than Spokane staple Pho Van. Whether you prefer your pho with steak, chicken or tendon, Pho Van knows how to make it the best, according to our readers. (Inlander)

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2nd PLACE: Vien Dong

Providing Spokane locals and visitors alike with authentic Vietnamese and Chinese cuisine, Vien Dong has come to be known as one of the best Pho spots in town. While the pandemic had a major impact on indoor dining country-wide, Vien Dong didn’t let it slow them down. Consistently offering amazing take-out and delivery options as well as relaxed in-person dining, it’s up to you how you choose to enjoy their mouth-wateringly delicious Pho! (Visit Spokane)

3rd PLACE: Vina Asian Restaurant

Vina Asian Restaurant is a 4-star Asian-fusion dining experience offering its guests the best of Vietnamese and Asian cuisine; notably chicken pho, seafood pho, and other popular soup dishes like egg-drop soup, beef noodle, and more. Open from 10 am to 9 pm daily, be sure to check them out, whether dining in or taking out! (Visit Spokane)

Best Thai Food Spokane
Pictured: Thai Bamboo

Best Thai Food in Spokane

1st Place: THAI BAMBOO

Someday, a time may come when another Thai restaurant will get as many votes as Thai Bamboo. At that time, we will surely write, “It’s a Thai!” and everyone will have a hearty laugh at the cuisine-based wordplay. But it is not this day. Once again, readers voted Thai Bamboo our undisputed Best Thai Food champion. We recommend the Pad Thai. Ask your server about it if you’re unfamiliar with it. (Inlander)

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2nd PLACE: Bangkok Thai

With some stiff Thai competition here in Spokane, there's a large debate over which Thai restaurant is the city's best. Narrowly missing the top spot, Bangkok Thai was voted the 2nd best in all of Spokane, and rightfully so. After all, with a delicious menu serving authentic Thai food with masterfully created flavors, Bangkok Thai is one of the best curry spots in all of Washington. With a perfect combination of fresh ingredients tasty dishes and reasonable prices, Bangkok Thai is often the go-to spot for any Spokanite in the mood for Thai. (Visit Spokane)

3rd PLACE: Kuni’s Thai Cuisine

From the hills in Chang Mai to the streets of Spokane, Washington, Kuni’s Thai Cuisine brings with it the authenticity of its native Thai dishes, featuring recipes born and perfected in Spokane. All would not have been possible, however, if it wasn’t for Kuni herself. Arriving in Spokane 20 years ago to complete her Masters's degree, Kuni immigrated from Thailand, bringing with her passion and drive to share her home cuisine with the city of Spokane; creating the most authentic Thai restaurant in Eastern Washington! (Visit Spokane)

Best Ramen in Spokane

Best Ramen in Spokane


Longtime restaurateur Jingou Sun modeled Nudo Ramen House after favorite places from her international travels, making both the downtown and north-side locations fun spots to kick back and enjoy a bowl of hearty, scratch-made ramen featuring fresh noodles, rich broth and flavorful toppings. Of course, if you’re not in a soup mood, Nudo has plenty more to offer, from excellent rice dishes to delectable appetizers. (Inlander)

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2nd PLACE: King of Ramen

If you’re going to name your restaurant “King of Ramen”, you better be able to back it up with what you bring to the table, Luckily for King of Ramen and their loyal customers, they do just that. King of Ramen has become the go-to Ramen joint for many here in Spokane, creating some of the best broth and noodles in the city. If you are looking for your new favorite ramen joint, then pay a visit to King of Ramen. (Visit Spokane)

3rd PLACE: Little Noodle

A place where great cooking meets impeccable atmosphere, Little Noodle isn’t only known for its Ramen but for its nutritious, delicious, and affordable menu as well. While their name might be little, their portion sizes are anything but, creating wondrous flavors in every bite of perfect broth and noodle. Little Noodle has made a name for itself over the last few years in the Spokane ramen game, and it's easy to see why with every visit to the 3rd best ramen spot in the city. (Visit Spokane)

Skewers, the best food truck in Spokane
Pictured: Skewers Food Truck

Best Food Truck in Spokane


Spokane loves shawarma and Skewers has the popular Mediterranean dish and more: falafel, kebabs and the sweet, chewy dessert known as pakhlava. Skewers is slated this spring to resume its regular appearances at area markets and events. That is one delicious return to normal that we can all get on board with. Follow on Facebook to find them in real life. (Inlander)

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2nd PLACE: Island Style Food Truck

Aiming to build a community surrounding the universal language of food in Spokane, Island Style Food Truck has become known for doing just that. This food truck has been traveling throughout Spokane delivering delicious and decadent dishes such as their homemade teriyaki, flame-broiled chicken, and of course their messy and magnificent nachos. If you don't want to miss their next stop, follow along with their journey on their social pages to be sure you know where they are on any given day; it’s worth the journey! (Visit Spokane)

3rd PLACE: Jerusalem Middle Eastern Cuisine

When you think of your favorite food trucks, Middle Eastern Cuisine may not come to mind, but thats only because you haven't found Jerusalem Middle Eastern Cuisine yet. Opened in 2021, Jerusalem Middle Eastern Food Truck offers authentic, homemade, and most of all fresh middle-eastern food for all of Spokane to savor. Though their offerings are plenty, their shawarma often takes the spotlight at every stop and should not be missed on your first visit. With each item made from love, it’s undeniably one of the best food trucks in all of Spokane. (Visit Spokane)

Best Mac and Cheese Spokane
Pictured: Mac Daddys

Best Mac and Cheese in Spokane

1st Place: MAC DADDY’S

If you’re looking to grab a hearty bowl of mac and cheese, look no further than Mac Daddy’s, Spokane’s one-and-only restaurant that specializes in the classic comfort food.

When Mac Daddy’s first started as a mobile food vendor back in 2016, the business was selling its mac and cheese at local events like Pig Out in the Park, Hoopfest and the Spokane County Interstate Fair, says owner Nick Bokarica. Since then, Mac Daddy’s has expanded with a full-service restaurant in North Spokane (10115 N. Newport Highway) and a grab-and-go location in the River Park Square food court.

Soon, that downtown counter location is moving into the former home of Tomato Street on River Park Square’s first level. The full-service location is slated to open in early summer.

Mac Daddy’s offers 12 varieties of mac and cheese, although Bokarica says there are three versions tied for most popular: Cougar Gold, pulled pork and buffalo chicken.

“My favorite dish has always been the buffalo chicken mac and cheese,” he says. “I like to spice it up with jalapeños and sriracha. It was the very first mac we ever made, and it has stood the test of time.”

If you’re looking for something other than traditional mac and cheese, the deep-fried mac balls are also a favorite, Bokarica says. Recently, during Inlander Restaurant Week 2022, Mac Daddy’s debuted a new recipe for buffalo chicken mac balls, which are going to be added to the menu as well.

Bokarica describes Mac Daddy’s as a great family-friendly place to grab a bite, and says he believes its staff offers some of the best customer service in Spokane.

“People should come to Mac Daddy’s if [they] want a different experience than you would get anywhere else,” Bokarica says. “A lot of restaurants offer mac and cheese, but we specialize in it.” (Inlander)

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2nd PLACE: Saranac Public House

As the comfort food of all comfort foods, mac and cheese is loved by all. However, all macs are not created equal, with few having mastered the perfect balance of noodle and cheese. However, the chefs at Saranac Public House have done just that. With the philosophy of using only high-quality ingredients from local, all-natural sources, their kitchen strives to bring the freshest of plates to your table, Mac and cheese or otherwise! (Visit Spokane)

3rd PLACE: Cascadia Public House

Locally-owned and operated out of Northwest Spokane, Cascadia Public House is a famous and popular Gastropub that has become a staple in the local community. Featuring produce from local farmers, all-natural ingredients, and sustainably made food, Cascadia Public House is dedicated to quality, not just for food but for the environment as well. Featuring burgers, sandwiches, salads, seafood, and of course, Mac and cheese, it’s a spot that should not be missed for anyone seeking the best mac and cheese in Spokane. (Visit Spokane)

Excerpt from the Inlander’s Best Of The Inland Northwest edition. Visit Spokane is proud to partner with the Inlander to showcase hospitality-focused winners from its 2022 readers’ poll. To read more about the Inlander's Best Of, visit 2022 Inlander Best Of section!

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