Save the 509 - How You Can Support Local Businesses in Spokane

Simply put, we need you right now. Restaurants, bars, and shops need you more than ever as we get deeper into life amid COVID, all your favorite places risk closing. We want to be here to celebrate your anniversaries, first dates, family time, and post sporting event dinners.

We want you to sit on our patios and in our perfectly socially distanced dining rooms. Hotels and shops need you, too. If we're going to survive the COVID era, we need you. And with new cleanliness parameters in place, there's no better time.

Staying afloat becomes harder as each week passes, which is why we have created the Spokane Hospitality Coalition (SHC). Local bars and restaurants, hotels, and shops make up the SHC. We've been working closely with Spokane Regional Health, the City of Spokane, and each other to cover the cleanliness bases so you can enjoy yourself out on the town safely. We want to save the 509.

While we do our part to keep our businesses clean, we need you to help us stay open by following these three basic tenets: wear a mask, wash your hands, and watch your distance. Easy, right?

We get it, face masks aren't fun to wear and we don't want to wear them either. If we're going to move forward, move out of our current COVID lockdown, and find some semblance of normal, we have to. Please do it for the small businesses that make this community a fun place to live. We need you.

We hope that while we do our part with enhanced cleaning throughout businesses, you'll do your part, mask up, and follow the guidelines. We are doing everything we can to make sure your visit to our businesses is safe, so help us. Visit us, stay a spell, but safely. This time of year, you'll find patio options to choose from and on those too hot for patio days hunker down inside for air-conditioned comfort. Please help support our local businesses, look for the Spokane Hospitality Coalition signs, and above all, get out, mask up, and enjoy yourself! Remember, spread kindness, not COVID. We’re all in this together.

About the Author

Mark Starr

Mark Starr has owned and operated David’s Pizza in Spokane for 26-years. Mark is passionate about giving back to the community and believes the key to success is hard work. He also sits on the Bloomsday Board of Directors and enjoys volunteering with other community events.