Keep Warm in Spokane This Winter

Spokane! It's pretty chilly right now! We get it, you aren't feeling great about shedding your warm blankets and cozy slippers and heading out in the great outdoors this winter. Luckily there’s still plenty to do in Spokane that will not only keep you out of the elements but also help keep you warm! Our marketing team put our heads together and we came up with a few ideas to keep you warm and busy this winter.

Get Some Air

Bored children and really chilly temperatures don’t mix. They beg me to go outside to play, I spend 20 minutes getting them suited up like Randy from Christmas Story and after five minutes outside they want to come in! Whew, too much work! The perfect solution? Get Air at North Town Mall. Let the kids bounce all their energy out at the trampoline park. There’s even a special section for the five and under crowd! Prices range from $6-$20 depending on age and how long you want to jump.


Learn Something

A tried and true indoor favorite! Museums! And we have several in Spokane for you to check out! The Northwest Museum of Arts & Culture has some great exhibits coming up this winter including Titans of the Ice Age: Mammoths and Mastodons. You can also check out Mobius Discovery Center right in downtown Spokane.

Stretch it Out

Hot yoga is a great cold-weather activity because you’re literally in a hot room. My favorite studio is The Union, they have locations in North Spokane and Downtown and offer several classes throughout the day. Other studios to hit include Beyoutiful and Yarrow.

Catch a Movie

The Garland Theater is one of Spokane’s first movie theaters and it’s still a great place to catch a flick for a great price. New movies hit the Garland a few weeks after their initial release and you can see them for five bucks. While new movies are great, I suggest hitting the Garland up on Totally Tubular Tuesday. They show throwback films like Labyrinth and Men in Black for half the normal ticket price.


Grab a Drink

Thankfully during this time of year, many breweries come out with winter ales that will warm your body right up. So gather your friends and check out some of our local craft breweries on the Spokane Ale Trail. Start at No-Li Brewhouse, a nationally recognized brewery known for its Born & Raised IPA. From there you can visit Perry Street Brewery in the Perry District or jump to Iron Goat Brewing where their new downtown tasting room will warm you right up!

Beer not your thing? No worries, Spokane has a Cork District (no really we have our own wine district) for the wine lovers who prefer an oaky Chardonnay or a spicy Merlot over that hop taste. Start at Barrister Winery and let their gold medal-winning Cabernet Sauvignon warm you from the inside out. You might even get a wine tour from one of their winemakers (it’s a great story, so don’t be afraid to ask). Check out our wineries map here.


Check out a New Place

Is there anything better than food? Okay, maybe. But food...dining...going out to right up there near the top of life's great things. My recommendation for cold weather indoor fun: go eat! But where to go? If someone splayed a map of the entire region in front of you, you could close your eyes, throw a dart and find somewhere great to dine. But let me suggest the City of Liberty Lake. They've got so many terrific options, so many varied cuisines. From fine dining to good old pizza -- and everything in between -- feel free to try Liberty Lake. Take a look at this video and see for yourself!


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