Top Run Routes in Spokane

Spokane is an incredibly active community. Springtime sunny weather makes for the perfect excuse to, well, go the distance. After a hell of a year (yes, 2020 we're talking about you), many people gravitated toward running to keep their sanity in check by getting outside and getting active. We picked out some of our all-time favorite routes curated by our friends at Great Runs.

The Centennial Trail

This route can include both the Riverside State Park and Riverfront Park sections. The choice is yours, but each section ensures scenic views of the Spokane River, the air redolent of Ponderosa pines.

Dwight Merkel Sports Complex

Run the perimeter trail at this Northwest Spokane spot, and you’ll get a perfect 5k in. The 3.1-mile route circles Dwight Merkel and Joe Albi Stadium.

Manito Park

This 2.5-mile loop takes you through the beauty of Manito Park and the charming Cannon Hill Park. You’ll most likely run into some wild(ish) turkeys along the way.

High Drive Bluff

You can run this route in sections if you choose, and we highly recommend going at sunset so that you can take in sweeping views of Latah Valley bathed in fiery red, yellow, and pink.

Fish Lake Trail

This scenic trail runs from West Central to Fish Lake. Be prepared to share the path with cyclists.

For more great running routes in Spokane, check out the Spokane Route Guide on Great Runs.